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How to Get Rid of Sprout
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“Sprout” is a phrase used in Final Fantasy XIV to refer to new players. This is due to the fact that new players get a “Sprout” icon next to their name, allowing them to be easily identifiable by other players.

The Sprout status is removed after playing for 168+ hours and completing the Stormblood expansion.

And it’s entirely normal not to know what this tiny emblem represents!

You can finish the base game, defeat the first expansion, have literally spent hundreds of hours playing, and still be a sprout.

You may even feel a moment of existential dread when you discover that all other players are also Sprouts while you’re surrounded by those who appear so much more advanced than you.

The good news is that the status is temporary and will be removed once you meet a few easy requirements.

How do I get rid of sprout ffxiv?

First, new adventurer status is automatically revoked after 168 hours of gameplay and completion of the level 70 task “A Requiem for Heroes.”

Second, if you cannot wait that long, you can use the /nastatus off text command. You can toggle the status using the command until the aforementioned conditions are met, at which time it is removed permanently.

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