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How to Get Tar Off Shoe
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How to Get Tar Off Shoe? Tar is among the most difficult substances to remove off footwear, alongside tree sap and gum. Even if the tar area is scraped away, a sticky residue remains that continues to attract dirt. Learn how to remove tar from shoes using a few simple techniques and restore the footwear’s original beauty.


Generally, we avoid walking on freshly paved roads. However, various forms of tar exist, including roofing tar, turpentine tar, and beach tar. While black tar is the most frequent, it is difficult to remove any tar stains from surfaces, including canvas and leather shoes, automotive paint, and carpet.

Before tossing your sneakers or boots in the garbage or the back of the closet, there are a few things you can do to clean them. Using the appropriate tar remover and a bit of elbow grease, tar residue is easily removed.

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How to Clean Tar Off Shoes

The discovery of a tar stain on your suede, leather, or canvas shoe is unsettling. This problem has, fortunately, numerous remedies. Learn how to remove these stains from your shoes with a plastic knife and soapy water, or use solvents for stains that are particularly difficult to remove.

Using a Sharp Edge to Remove Tar from Shoes
Typically, tar stains are thick globs, and removing them may spread their stickiness. To make the task easier, it is essential to scrape tar off the material with a sharp edge. Before using a cleaning, here is how to remove tar off shoes.

Remove your footwear and use the blade of a knife to scrape off the tar. If you do not have a knife, you may use a putty knife, a screwdriver with a flat head, or even an old credit card to do the task.


If the tar is on the sides of the soles of your shoes, work the muck out through the spaces between the soles, but avoid applying excessive force so as not to damage your footwear.

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