Vigilance Wing catalyst

How to Get the Vigilance Wing catalyst

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The Vigilance Wing Catalyst provides a new perk for the Pulse Rifle called Full Auto Trigger System. Full Auto Trigger System has a single, but interesting effect. Holding down the trigger will cause Vigilance Wing to fire on full auto instead of five shot burst. For some players, the Vigilance Wing Catalyst is absolutely a must-have while others consider it a luxury. Ultimately it seems too useful not to have and is recommended for most Vigilance Wing users.


To acquire the Vigilance Wing Catalyst players will need to defeat Guardians in Crucible matches. Winning Crucible matches isn’t required, simply killing others players is what causes the drop. It should also be noted that there is no way to increase the odds of a drop occurring.


Upgrading the Vigilance Wing Catalyst can be a bit tricky. It requires completing two objectives using the Vigilance Wing.

  • Kill 250 Guardians in Crucible matches.
  • Earn five Blood for Blood medals.

The 250 Guardian kills are relatively straightforward, simply make sure the final blow is dealt with the Vigilance Wing and it’ll count. Some of these kills can also be obtained prior to getting the Vigilance Wing Catalyst.

NOTE: Vigilance Wing is a strange weapon in that it gets stronger as the player’s teammates die. With the Vigilance Wing Catalyst in place, this weapon is capable of tremendous damage output, health regeneration, and even increased movement speed. When the final ally has fallen the Vigilance Wing wielder is a one-man wrecking ball.

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For obvious reasons, this weapon is not ideal for PVE. Even in co-op situations, it’s better to use weapons meant for PVE. Many players feel Vigilance Wing is meant for 3v3 PVP. This weapon can hold its own when the team is alive and gives the player a fighting chance as their allies are picked off.


How to get the Vigilance Wing Catalyst

Crucible matches that favor lots of kills will be the ideal way to grind for the Vigilance Wing Catalyst. Momentum Control is probably the best for doing this and the Vigilance Wing is a solid weapon for this game mode. In reality, any 3v3 or 6v6 that favors farming is going to be best.

The Blood for Blood medals is easier to obtain with a fire team cooperating. They can help the player get the needed revenge kills by being bait, weakening the enemy killer, or offering support. If this isn’t possible then playing a Crucible mode like Elimination can help as once an ally is dead they’re gone forever, the Last Stand perk also has a chance of engaging in this type of mode.

You can get the vigilance wing catalyst by using the Full Auto Trigger: Full Auto Trigger System perk allows you to fire the Vigilance wing at full auto when you are holding down the trigger. This allows you to release shots with a faster fire rate, making it easier to unleash ammo when you need to deal tons of damage in seconds.

You can unlock the Full Auto Trigger system by unlocking the Vigilance Wing Catalyst, which can first be obtained by defeating Guardians in the Crucible.



The Vigilance Wing is an Exotic Pulse Rifle that is capable of dealing large amounts of damage with multiple burst shots.This Exotic Pulse rifle is capable of firing 530 rounds per minute and has a magazine capacity of 50 rounds. Players use this weapon because of its unique 5-round burst which rewards accurate shooters with high amounts of focused damage.

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