Spear Pillar

How to get to spear pillar | Pokemon Pearl Version

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Spear Pillar is a Sinnoh-based locale that debuted in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and can be located atop Mount Coronet. The legendary Pokémon Palkia or Dialga can be discovered here in Diamond and Pearl, being held by Team Galactic in an effort to control them with the Red Chain and build a new world in which Cyrus reigns.


In Pokémon Platinum, Cyrus attempts to control both Dialga and Palkia, but the distortion caused by their presence in the real world causes Giratina to appear and drag Cyrus into the Distortion World.

How to get to spear pillar


1. The entrance to Mount Coronet is located on Route 207. On the second floor of the mountain, you will enter a cave.

2. Enter through the entrance at the cave’s northwest corner. It leads to an extremely small room with only a few steps. Ascend the stairs to reach the next floor.

3. The west-side exit can be reached by traversing the chamber. This will bring you outside, onto the surface of Mount Coronet.

4. Ascend the northeastern rock wall that appears to be composed of loose rocks to the top. Use a Pokemon with the “Rock Climb” skill to climb.


5. Follow the trail northeast until you reach two additional pieces of a wall constructed of loose rocks.

6. Use the Rock Climb ability to scale the west cliff face.

7. Proceed inside the cave to your left. The trail leads directly to the only entrance on this side of Mount Coronet.

8. Proceed to the next level by ascending the steps on the east side of the cave.


9. To access the next floor, ascend the steps located in the southwest corner of the cave.

10. The cave’s exit is located on the north side. You have arrived at the spear pillar atop Mount Coronet.

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