How to Get Void Traces Fast Warframe

How to Get Void Traces Fast Warframe
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Void Traces are one of Warframe’s main materials. Traces are essential to the process of gaining new Warframes and weaponry in the game, and it is usually advantageous to have a large stockpile of them when new content is released. This article will hopefully show you how to obtain Void Traces in Warframe by explaining why Void Traces are so important, how to harvest them efficiently, and how to dramatically boost the number of Void Traces that drop from missions.


What are Void Traces for Warframe?

As with any decent looter-shooter, the primary objective of Warframe is to acquire increasingly potent equipment as you continue. Warframes and weaponry are composed of individual parts. Components are comprised of materials that can be obtained by completing missions across the star chart. However, the majority of components will not simply drop throughout missions.

You will need to acquire these components from “Void Relics” loot boxes in Warframe. Void Relics are free, drop as mission rewards, and can be unlocked by completing tasks in Void Fissure. The Void Relic will award one of its possible rewards at the completion of the assignment.

Void Traces come into play at this point. These Traces can be used to boost the possibility of a certain prize dropping from a Relic. “Radiant” is the highest attainable level for an upgraded Relic, granting it the maximum chance to drop a rare gift.

Contrary to other Warframe resources, there is a limit on how many Void Traces you can “hoard.” Capacity is governed by a player’s Master Rank; the higher their Master Rank, the more Void Traces they can retain. Any extra Void Traces will be automatically deleted, with the exception of those obtained by defeating a Kuva Lich.

How to Obtain Void Signs From Fissure Missions

On completion of a Void Fissure quest, corrupted foes will drop Reactant. You can distinguish these foes based on their unique glowing patterns. When you kill these corrupted foes, they will drop Reactant, which you must manually collect. Each player must collect 10 Reactants to unlock their Relic. Failure to collect 10 Reactants prior to the conclusion of the operation will result in the Relic being lost. This will also result in no Void Traces being awarded from the mission.

After collecting 10 Reactants and completing the mission, you will receive a tiny quantity of Void Traces. Then, you can utilize these to improve other Relics. Additionally, the mission rewards will let you to choose your gift from among the opened relics. Each player’s Relic will provide a single reward that is available to all players.

How to Obtain Void Traces Efficiently When Farming in 2022

Repetition of Relic missions is the most efficient technique to farm Void Traces. When engaging in public missions, you must equip a Relic. It is considered impolite to enter a public Void Fissure assignment without a Relic, as it deprives your entire team of a potential reward. The most efficient missions are Capture and Rescue, but if you have an abundance of Relics to crack open, Survival is a viable option.

Solo play is also a fantastic method for gathering Relics. Solo Capture missions allow you to farm Relics without being slowed down by colleagues. Utilize a Volt build that prioritizes mobility. This will allow one assignment to be completed every few minutes. Wukong is also an excellent alternative for interior maps that require more fluid movement.


You can choose to embark on Excavation missions if you’re playing with a Squad because they reward you with Relics, allowing you to conduct more of those missions. Frost and Hydroid are wonderful alternatives for Excavation. Utilize the Vacuum mod to enable your Sentinel to collect nearby resources; this will save you a great deal of time and allow you to collect Reactant much more quickly.

Elite Sanctuary Onslaught can be utilized to farm Void Traces indirectly. This variant of Sanctuary Onslaught is more difficult and rewards you with Relics that have already been upgraded to Radiant.

Can the number of drops in a mission be increased?

You certainly can! We strongly suggest obtaining a Resource Booster; activating it will double the number of resources you obtain from missions, including Void Traces. If you often play Warframe and have 200 Platinum, you should get a Resource Booster. This Booster lasts a month, but you may also purchase shorter-lasting ones for less money. If you want to maximize the value of your Platinum, the 30-day Booster is the ideal option.

With a Booster equipped, you will obtain Void Traces so quickly that you will be able to fully upgrade one Relic every three missions, which is tremendous. Then, simply complete Radiant Share quests to gain access to the rare goodies. After grinding without a Booster, 200 Platinum can seem like a lot, but you’ll make it back in no time. This is due to the fact that rewards from Radiant relics often sell for at least 20 Platinum, and you’ll earn significantly more than 200 in 30 days.

Smeeta Kavat’s buff can also be used to boost the number of Void Traces dropped. In contrast to the Resource Booster, which has a 100% chance to double any Resource you locate, this perk is extremely unreliable and difficult to rely on.

Numerous Methods of Farming Void Traces in 2022

Ensure that your Master Rank is likewise at an acceptable level. Although this does not directly effect Void Traces or Relic awards, it raises the maximum number of Void Traces you can retain. This maximum limit may seem inconsequential, but if you activate a Resource Boost, you’ll quickly amass Traces.


Noting that enhanced Relics do not lose the Traces invested in them if they are not used, it is possible to continue grinding for Traces and upgrading Relics for later use. We hope that our guide to farming Void Trace has helped you better grasp the process.

If you wish to gather Void Traces, you can do it in a variety of ways. You can use a Resource Booster, participate in Elite Sanctuary Onslaughts, accomplish Excavation tasks with your buddies, or undertake Relic assignments on your own. Regardless of your decision, these options will undoubtedly yield the Void Traces you require.

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