How to Get Wyvern Ignition Impact

How to Get Wyvern Ignition Impact

You will need to complete a new quest in order to obtain the Wyvern Ignition Greatsword. This new quest can be found in the Events tab and is titled Every Hunter’s Dream. The quest has a 5* Quest Level, takes place in the Arena, and necessitates an HR of 8 or higher. In the arena of The Hunter’s Dream, you will be pitted against a Paolumu and a Rathalos. You obtain Master Craftsman’s Blueprints by defeating both monsters.

To create the Wyvern Ignition Greatsword, bring the Master Craftsman’s Blueprints to the Forge and speak with the Smithy. Select Forge Equipment -> Weapons -> Greatsword, then scroll until you find Wyvern Ignition “Steel.” The following materials are necessary to forge the blade:

Master Craftsman’s Blueprints Doubled

7x Dragonite Ore
2x Paolumu Webbing
Two (2) Rathalos Marrow 8000 z
Assuming you have all the necessary materials. Craft the Wyvern Ignition “Steel” to add it to your inventory. After crafting the “Steel” version, there is only one possible upgrade that requires the following materials to create:

Wyvern Ignition “Impact” Materials

3x Master Craftsman’s Blueprints (farm Every Hunter’s Dream)
2x Elder Dragon Blood
5x Firecell Stone
1x Wyvern Gem
32000 z


Surely, this is a concise overview of how to obtain the Wyvern Ignition greatsword in Monster Hunter World. This community-created sword has a number of thrusters on the blade’s back that are activated by a charge attack, making it an interesting weapon design. What do you consider this weapon to be? Did the neighborhood perform admirably?

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