How to Import Me1 Character to Me2 | Step by Step Guide

How to Import Me1 Character to Me2
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How to Import Me1 Character to Me2


A quick guide on how to import your Mass Effect save game into Mass Effect 2, as this is a frequent topic of discussion on the site.

This is necessary only in the original games. In the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, none of this is required; all you need to do is select the option to import your character when starting a new game to have your character imported.

There are two techniques, one of which use the config utility and is the standard method. The other method, which is likely the easiest and quickest, involves physically moving the completed save files to the correct folder. Use whichever you like anyway.

Note that only completed save games from Mass Effect 1 can be imported. Partially completed playthroughs cannot be imported.

Additionally, note that save game folders are located in the My Documents folder, NOT the game installation folder.

Step 1

Click Play on ME2 in Steam

Select Mass Effect 2 Launcher then click Play.

Step 2

Click Configure.

Step 3

On the left, click Save Games

Click the Copy Mass Effect 1 Save Games button.

Step 4


The correct folder should already be selected
If for some reason it isn’t, browse to My Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect\save

NOTE: You must navigate to the My Documents folder and not the game’s installation folder.

You won’t receive proof that it has worked, but as long as save games are present, it will function.

Step 5

Launch Mass Effect 2.

On the main menu click New Game

Click Import ME1 character and you should see your ME1 characters there to choose from.

Method 2: Copy the files manually yourself

You can also just copy your saves manually to the correct folder.

Go to \My Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect\Save\

Select any files that begin with CHAR_ (These are the completed game saves that can be imported)


Copy those files to \My Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect 2\Save\ME1\

If there is no ME1 folder located in the ME2 save folder then simply create the ME1 folder in here yourself.

Now those saves should show up in-game when you select Import ME1 Character.

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