How to Install Bloodborne Randomizer | 2022 Update

How to Install Bloodborne Randomizer
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How to Install Bloodborne Randomizer | 2022 Update.

This mod was created by Sepukkake. It randomizes the location of foes, bosses, and objects, in addition to a multitude of other amazing possibilities that may be customised to your favorite play style.

This mod, like all other Bloodborne mods, requires a jailbroken PS4 in order to be played. I’m publishing this mod myself because the original version has been mysteriously removed from the website.

After spent countless hours enjoying it over the past few years, I felt that it would be a tragedy if the mod became inaccessible to everyone who could enjoy it.

This is the most recent build of the randomizer that Sepukakke submitted to Nexus Mods on August 31, 2021. Although there are still several problems and glitches, the randomizer has reached a particularly stable and highly configurable state.

How to Install Bloodborne Randomizer

Installation is comparable to other presently available Bloodborne mods. You must run the executable file before copying the dvdroot folder’s contents to the GOTY update file (please see provided readme file for more specific instructions).

The prior instruction supplied by Sepukkake is no longer accessible, but I will endeavor to produce a thorough tutorial in the coming days describing the many procedures required to use and install the mod, as well as the settings I’ve found to be beneficial.

Unfortunately, I am unlikely to be able to fix any flaws because I did not make the mod and have limited experience creating mods, but I will try my best to answer any questions regarding installation.

Thanks again to Seppukake for producing such a fantastic mod; maybe the removal of the mod was an oversight that can be rectified; in the meanwhile, I hope this allows people to enjoy Bloodborne like never before.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to combine the randomizer with the Great One Beast Restored Mod, you must use the version that was released on April 30, 2022; otherwise, the randomizer will crash when executed.

I’d want to thank foxyhooligan for coming out to me and making the effort to resolve this issue; both I and the bloodborne modding community appreciate your continuing support.

Combining other mods, such as 60 frames per second, first-person view, and no HUD, works quite fine. I would also like to caution readers, especially those who are sensitive to screen flickering, that the big centipede opponent found in Byrgenwerth and the chalices, when randomly generated, can cause extremely intense and exceedingly bothersome screen flickering.

I recommend excluding them; their enemy code is c2530. Also, I recall the inventor stating that the application will only run on Windows. If anyone can confirm that it is compatible with an other operating system, please let me know and I will update the description.]

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