How to Install Door Arm | 2022 Update

How to Install Door Arm
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How to Install Door Arm | 2022 Update. Door arm are commonly found in commercial properties, but they can also be installed in houses. Door closers decrease energy expenditures by ensuring that the door always closes completely, and are essential in particularly hot or cold areas. Using a hydraulic arm to close the door gently, door closers also prevent door frame deterioration by preventing wear and tear.

There are numerous varieties of door closers on the market, but they all operate similarly and are installed in a similar manner.

Regular arm installation is the most prevalent installation method for door closers. This is the situation when the door closer is mounted on the hinge side of an in-swing door.

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i. Choose a door opening and mark four (4) holes on the door for the door closer and two (2) holes on the frame for the arm shoe.
ii. Drill pilot holes in the door and frame for the provided all-purpose screws, or drill or tap for the accompanying machine screws.
iii. Install the forearm/arm shoe assembly to the door frame using the screws included with the door closer.
Screw the door closer to the door.


iv. Install the main arm perpendicular to the door, perpendicular to the top pinion shaft. Tighten the arm screw/washer assembly provided.
v. Adjust the length of the forearm so that it is perpendicular to the frame when attached to the preloaded main arm.
vi, Attach the forearm to the main arm using the included screw/washer assembly.
vii. At the bottom of the closer, snap the pinion cap over the shaft.
Adjust the speed at which the door closes.


i. speed is achieved by turning the speed adjusting valve clockwise.

ii. Turn the speed adjustment valve COUNTERCLOCKWISE for SLOWER CLOSE arc closing speed.
iii. For a FASTER, CLOSER arc closing speed, turn the speed adjustment valve CLOCKWISE.
iv. Full rotations of the LATCH speed adjusting valve are required to alter the LATCH speed.

v. For a SLOWER LATCH arc closing speed, rotate the speed adjustment screw CLOCKWISE.
vi For a FASTER LATCH arc closing speed, turn the speed adjustment screw CLOCKWISE.

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