How to Keep Burgers from Shrinking

How to Keep Burgers from Shrinking When Frying & Grilling

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People frequently make burger blunders, and until they discover a better method, they will continue to do so. I’m aware of certain folks who grill burgers that fall apart, and they blame the meat’s quality rather than their own cooking techniques.


Yes, the quality of the meat can influence the finished result, particularly the consistency and texture of the burger patties, but this is not the only aspect. Additionally, you must be knowledgeable about proper burger cooking techniques.

One typical error I observe is letting hamburgers shrink while they cook. You might not be considering how to prevent hamburgers from shrinking on the grill if you have experienced this a few times.

You can simply presume that it isn’t much you can do regarding shrinkage while cooking burgers on occasion. You can control how your burgers cook and whether or not they shrink when you cook them, I just want to let you know that. When you utilize the grill, this won’t be a problem for you. Burgers that have been reduced in size and appear pitiful are not necessary.

How to Keep Burgers from Shrinking in Frypan

I want to give you some additional tips on how to cook burgers on the stove or grill so that you can have excellent, juicy, and the right-size burgers.

Make sure your meat is not too lean before anything else. They will stay juicy, soft, and flavorful if they have at least 20% fat. A burger’s flavor might be destroyed by a lack of fat, so how can 80% lean, 20% fat burgers avoid getting smaller? Just cook them uncovered with a dimple in the middle, following the instructions I gave you previously.


Next, I’d suggest being cautious with how you touch the meat. Don’t flip it around or alter it too much. Instead of being soft and flavorful like it should be, this can make your burger tough and hard like a hockey puck.

For the greatest burgers, handle the ingredients as little as possible. This will produce delicate, simple-to-eat hamburgers.

The right timing of seasoning your burger is another point I want to make. Don’t season it thoroughly before grilling it. Instead, season it before you cook it in a frying pan or on the grill. The seasoning will adhere to the burger in this manner.

How to Keep Burgers from Shrinking on Grill

When cooking burgers on the grill, you want to follow the same advice I just gave you about dimples. It works well on the grill as well as on the stove top to prevent frozen burgers from shrinking during cooking.

There is another burger baking tip that I want to tell you that is important for preventing shrinkage. This will keep the grill uncovered while cooking the burgers.
Closing the oven lid will affect the size of your burgers, and if you cover your burgers on the grill as they cook, they may lose some of their spread and shrink, looks a bit sad.
These are my top tips for keeping burgers from shrinking on the stove top or oven, and if you know a few of these tips, you can have a great burger. You don’t have to look at your cooked burger and wonder why it looks so small compared to how it came out of the package. It can still be the same size and still taste great, full of flavor and flavor.

Other Burger Cooking Tips

Additionally, beef patties do not require marinating. Just before placing the food on the grill, you can simply rub or pat on the spice.


Last but not least, I want to tell you not to flatten your burger using a spatula or pair of tongs. It could be tempting to flatten the burger as it cooks, but that is not recommended.

If your burgers are too thick, I advise covering them with greaseproof paper and using a burger press or rolling pin to gently press or roll them till they are about 20% larger than your burger bread. Why people do this is a mystery to me.

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