How to Make a Key Mold in the Escapist

How to Make a Key Mold in the Escapist

How to Make a Key Mold in the Escapist. When starting a new prison, the character naming screen determines the order of which guard has which key. From left to right, the first guard will have the Cell Key, the second the Utility Key, the third the Entrance Key, the fourth the Staff Key, and the fifth the Work Key.

These guards will always have the appropriate keys in order. Other security personnel will not carry keys. To quickly identify the correct guard for a key, it is helpful to remember the names of the guards or to label them with the key they possess (for instance, name the fourth guard “REDKEY” or “GUARD4”).

If you need more time to craft a key Mould, for example if you don’t have a wad of putty with you when a guard is down and you need to go get it, you can keep the officer down longer by tying him up with a Length of Rope or Duct Tape, giving you much more time to keep the original key in your inventory to either use on doors or craft a key Mould. It also helps to incapacitate the guard at a greater distance from the Infirmary, giving the medics a longer distance to travel.

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Be wary of being caught with a Key Mould. It is illicit and will set off security scanners. As with any other contraband, it will be confiscated if you are knocked unconscious with it in your inventory or if it is in your desk when you are summoned for a Shakedown. Be sure to conceal it quickly in a secure location; in The Escapists 2, the Hidden Compartment within your desk is ideal for this.

Note that you cannot use a plastic key to create a new Mold, nor can you use a Comb Shiv or Toothbrush Shiv to create molten plastic. If you need to use a key frequently, or if you want a spare in case you lose the key while engaging in high-risk activities, you can create multiple key Moulds from the same original key. However, making numerous keys requires a great deal of materials, so it is best to be well-prepared in advance.

If the guard you wish to pursue tends to hide behind scanners, bring a Contraband Pouch with you. The base materials of Wad of Putty and Molten Plastic are not contraband, so you are free to pass through a scanner without fear (it will still take the durability from your pouch, however.) Keep in mind that attacking a guard also raises your own heat.

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