How to Make Campfires in Minecraft

How to Make Campfires in Minecraft
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How to Make Campfires in Minecraft? Here’s how to gather everything you will need to build a campfire:


Collect 3 Wood blocks. Cut down trees to get wood blocks. Any kind of wood will suffice (Oak, Spruce, Jungle, etc.).

Chopping down Oak blocks in Minecraft

Make 3 sticks: To obtain sticks, place 2 Wood Planks in the crafting grid.

Sticks in the Minecraft crafting grid

To make Wood Planks, place a Wood block in the crafting grid. Make a Crafting Table out of 4 Wood Planks.

Get some coal or charcoal. Mine Coal blocks with a Pickaxe, which are usually found just beneath the surface. Smelt a Wood block in a Furnace to make Charcoal.


Charcoal in a Furnace in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can make a campfire by burning charcoal in a furnace. Open your Crafting Table and place Coal in the center box. Put a Stick in the middle box of the top row, then Sticks on each side of the Coal in the middle row. Finally, arrange three Wood blocks in the bottom row.

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A Minecraft campfire in a crafting table


To make a Soul Campfire, replace the Coal with Soul Sand or Soul Soil. Soul Campfires are dimmer and deal more damage with their flames.

To use your Campfire, equip it and place it on the ground.

What Can a Campfire Be Used For?

Every base requires a Campfire to provide light at night. If you go exploring in the dark, the light and smoke from your Campfire can help guide you back home. To avoid being stung by bees while collecting honey from a beehive, place a Campfire next to the hive. Above all, campfires can be used for cooking.
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