How to Make Christmas Come Faster in December

How to Make Christmas Come Faster in December

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Let’s hasten the arrival of Christmas as soon as the weather becomes cold and crisp and the leaves lose their autumnal hues, shall we? cosy fireplaces The odour of pine burning. A room filled with baked delicacies.

Christmas decorations to hasten the arrival of Christmas

Family conversation fills the house. The sound of delicate paper tearing interrupts your train of thought as a young child attempts to open a nicely wrapped box.


I can wholeheartedly support the desire to know how to hasten the arrival of Christmas. Even if the world appears to be falling apart, Christmas has a way of putting everything negative in the background.

Before you continue, I want you to make this season enjoyable for YOU and your family. Don’t feel obligated to do something if it’s not your cup of tea.

It is terrible that the grandmother of my husband forces everyone in this small room to sign Christmas carols. Everything has an acquired quality. If you don’t believe in Santa Claus, don’t. Enjoy building snow forts? Then proceed.

How To Make Christmas Come Faster By Knowing What IS Christmas

Yuletide is an emotion. We adore it for this reason. There is a feeling that new and exciting things will occur in the future.

New decorations are brought out of storage and placed on the end table or mantel.

Even if you bring out old heirlooms, your brain still perceives them as new. More on this in a moment.

Therefore, to make Christmas feel like it’s approaching more quickly, it is necessary to engage the senses. Butttt… Begin gradually. The Christmas decorations will become monotonous before you can say “bah humbug.”

Start Doing Fun “Christmassy” Things

Activities that are enjoyable are a terrific way to bring the holiday season closer.


Start engaging in activities that inform your brain. “Christmas is approaching!”

The following:

  • Make a list of the people you want to get gifts for.
  • Christmas card list.
  • Baked goods you would like to make.
  • Plan out all of the places you will get to go and people you will get to do a video call with. (Google will find some awesome places for you to check out this time of year.)
  • Find fun local outdoor places to go.
  • Classic holiday movies you want to watch.
  • Do things for others.
  • Advent calendars
  • Take time with friends.
  • Do a family night with video games if that is something your family likes.
  • Make cards to take to people in nursing homes.
  • Holiday crafts like snowflakes.
  • Set up your Christmas tree with lights.

How To Make Christmas Come Faster With Your Senses

Let’s imagine that on October 1 you begin to have the desire for Christmas to arrive sooner. I want you to stop and reflect. What is it about Christmas that makes you feel warm and fuzzy?

List out those items. Is it the scent of Christmas trees, the aroma of freshly baked goodies, or the warmth of a fire? Simply consider these ideas, and I will demonstrate how to accomplish some of them.

Then decide to make that one thing a reality in your life. If it’s the warm aromas, buy a candle you adore and bake a treat once a week.

Christmas tree decorated with ornaments
Take Down Christmas’ Antagonists
Start in the areas where you spend the most time, such as your home office, work area, or living room, and remove any non-Christmassy decorations.Remove from your displays items such as floral wall hangings, pink accent pillows, colourful blankets, and vibrant flowers. Anything that competes directly with Christmas, winter, cool weather, or neutral-type decorations.

How To Make Christmas Come Faster With Smell

This is something you will need to decide for yourself. What scents remind you of the holiday season? Is it the aroma of freshly cut pine or warm cinnamon buns?

Replace any floral odours with Christmas scents. Wax melts are fantastic if you’re concerned about fires.

Here are some excellent Amazon options for wax melts and candles. Scentsy candles are a bit more expensive than the ones you can purchase at Walmart for a few dollars, but they are definitely worth it and last significantly longer.

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