How to Make Coloured Wool in Minecraft

How to Make Coloured Wool in Minecraft

In this article, we will show you How to Make Coloured Wool in Minecraft and the recent release colors and more.

Tired of your builds looking a bit pale? We’ve got you covered in dye! I mean, we’ve got you covered! We promise not to cover you in dye. That would be terrible.

Most dyes are produced by crafting various flowers or other items, or by combining other dyes. There are many different colors probably already at your fingertips, or just a short journey away, so you can make your items as vivid and unique as you are. If you’re bored with your current hues, we have good news! Even more colors have been added in recent releases. See if you can find them all.

How to Make Coloured Wool in Minecraft

Real dye has a rich and colorful history, with colors used to signify levels of wealth and status. Although dying has its roots in plants and other organic materials, the first synthetic dye was created by accident in the 1850s by a gentleman named W. H. Perkin, as he was attempting to make quinine. Fortunately, he ended up with purple (also known as mauvine) instead, opening the door to many other synthetic color creations and bringing this fashionable color to the masses.

How to Make Coloured Wool in Minecraft

Dyes in Minecraft are mostly plant based, but just like in real life, you can use them on a wide variety of items. Get ready to bring new life to that tired old terracotta, your plain bed, extra glass you have stockpiled for a project, those banners, cauldron water, and even your cat (well, the collar, anyway – please don’t try dying your cat).

For example, dying wool is a snap in Minecraft. Just place white wool and a dye in a crafting grid. Dying sheep is also pretty easy, if you can get them to hold still. You can even breed colored sheep for a single color or get a new one. Try breeding yellow and red sheep to make orange!

We know you’re dye-ing to get started, just like we clearly only wrote this article because we were dye-ing to make that awful pun. So gather those flowers and let your imagination take over!

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