How to Make Time Speed in Minecraft

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How to make time speed in minecraft? Minecraft is not really a speedy game but what if we could change that? Everybody has seen a speed run, but what if you just want to speed up a normal play-through? In this article, we will walk you through how to make time speed in minecraft.


How to Make Time Speed in Minecraft

Step 1: Turn on cheats.

Speeding up times requires cheats to be activated. In Java you can do this by opening the settings menu, selecting open to LAN, toggling allow cheats on, and finally clicking on start LAN world.

In Bedrock Edition, open the pause menu, choose settings, on the left side select game, scroll down to the cheats section, and toggle on activate cheats.

Step 2: Open the chat.

Now you can use the chat feature to enter your command to speed up time. To open the chat for the Java edition, hit T on the keyboard. In Bedrock Edition, hit the right button on the controller’s D-Pad.

Step 3: Type in the command for increasing tick speed.

Speed in Minecraft is controlled by a measurement known as ticks. The command we input increases how often the ticks happen and therefore increases the speed. The command to type in is /gamerule randomTickSpeed #. In this gif, we change the tick speed to 500 and you can see the results immediately.

After changing the speed you can change them back to normal by setting the tick back to the default value. The default tick speed for the Java edition is 3, and the default for the Bedrock edition is 1.

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What is the Command to make Time Speed in Minecraft?

Speeding up time is a neat trick and so is speeding up your running speed. Sometimes we will do this if we need to run to the nearest village which is kind of a long way away. Using the speed-up command is pretty much the same as using a potion of swiftness. To use this command make sure cheats are on, open the chat like shown above, and type: /effect give (player name) minecraft:speed # #. The first number in this command is the number of seconds you want the effect to last; the second number is how many times the effect is amplified.


The second method to make time speed in minecraft is to change the time of day with command:

Change the time of day and night cycle with a command

Another way to make time speed in Minecraft is by changing the day and night cycle with commands. This way is pretty simple and does not affect your gameplay as much as the other two options. To use this command make sure cheats are on, open the chat like shown above, and type: time set (time you want). You can set the time to day, midnight, night, noon, and number values from 0 to 24000. Daytime starts at 0 and nighttime starts at 13000 for reference. In Bedrock, you can also set the time to sunset.

Now you can make time speed in Minecraft

Now you know a couple of ways to speed up gameplay and your character using commands! If you want to read more about what you can do with commands in Minecraft, check out cool minecraft commands.

Did you know there are mods you can use to make time speed in Minecraft?


To make time speed in minecraft from day to night, use the command “/time set night.” Likewise, to speed through the night back to day, use the command “/time set day.”


To speed up time more precisely to a specific time and not just a general time of day, change the above “day” or “night” commands to a specific value.

For instance, using the following is a fun way to do a “passage of time” event in an adventure.

  • time set 1000 = day
  • time set 6000 = noon
  • time set 13000 = night
  • time set 18000 = midnight


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