How to Make Worm Food in Terraria

How to Make Worm Food in Terraria
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How to Make Worm Food in Terraria


There are things and bosses in Terraria that are only found in certain biomes, and corruption is one of them. Many game features, including its Crimson equivalent, are only available in these biomes.

Both the bosses and the items vary in their difficulty. Some are simpler to defeat than others.

A relatively simple-to-obtain commodity that might be a key component of your trip is worm food. It is crucial to understand how to manufacture worm food in Terraria, which is what this article will do for you.

How to Make Worm Food in Terraria

What is worm food used for?

Worm Food, like the Voodoo Doll, is used to spawn the Eater of Worlds, a specific boss. A pre-hard mode boss that spawns in Corruption is called The Eater of Worlds.

The Eater of Worlds is straightforward to spawn. You need to have a hammer, explosives, or worm food on you and be in the corruption at any time of day. It’s not necessary to know how to turn it a night for the other bosses.

destroying the three Shadow Orbs that were underground. The Eater of Worlds is a product of corruption. Shadow Orbs are a limited resource, it should be noted. You must use an explosive or any hammer to eliminate these shadow orbs.

If you have the necessary resources, it is also possible to spawn the Eater of Worlds using worm food, which is simpler and more flexible.

The defeat of the Eater of Worlds has several advantages. In Terraria, defeating this boss is the sole means to earn Shadow Scales and is also one of the few ways to simultaneously obtain vast quantities of Demonite ore.

The Eater of Worlds is a boss that resembles a worm and has multiple segments, each with its own health bar. All segments must be eliminated in order to destroy this boss. The amount of Demonite ore that falls from each segment increases when the entire monster is slain.

In order for the Tavernkeep to spawn, meteors to land, and the Nightmare Pickaxe to be made (with 12 Demonite Bars and 6 Shadow Scales that the Eater of Worlds drops), defeating the Eater of Worlds is a crucial duty. To mine meteorites, you need a Nightmare Pickaxe.

Advice for Taking Down the Eater of Worlds

Attempting to avoid the Eater of Worlds may be difficult because it is a big, multi-segmented boss.

Therefore, thorough planning is advised in order to make up for the additional harm caused by failing to dodge.


Little block breaking is normally necessary for the Corruption because there is frequently a sizable underground cave. To make the most space possible, it is still wise to bring explosives to the Corruption caves (since ebon stone blocks cannot be mined with any pre-hardmode pickaxe).

The best strategy is to build many layers of platforms that span the entire area you just cleared with explosives. Each platform layer should have a vertical difference of 4 or 5 tiles, which is a low enough height to leap onto by default.

Campfires and heart lanterns should be placed all throughout the platform boss-fighting arena. Your health will regenerate with the help of them. Additionally, putting stars in bottles will improve mana regeneration, especially if you are using the mage class setup.

Always keep at least a stack of the best healing potions on hand, and have those potions assigned to a hotkey. It is crucial to have the usage of potions assigned to a hotkey since it enables instant use from any location without the need to manually utilize them while in the middle of a battle.

Make sure you have at least a stack of the best mana potions you can get if you’re a magic user.

Last but not least, it’s important to remember that when a segment dies, the segments in front and behind it will unite to form a new worm, complete with a head and a tail. The extra worms’ heads should be targeted first because they deliver the most damage but also have the least defense.

How to Make Worm Food in Terraria – Obtaining Worm Food

Considering the effect that using it can have on your game, worm food is a rather simple commodity to get. It is a boss-summoning item that can only be made at a Crimson Heart or Demon Altar.

There are multiple Demon Altars and Crimson Hearts present on each map, and they can be found deep within their respective biomes. Broken Demon Altars and Crimson Hearts will release a biome-specific item.

The needed resources are 15 Rotten Chunks and 30 Vile Powder (per 1 Worm Food).

Any workbench can be used to create Vile Powder using Vile Mushrooms. In the Corruption, vile mushrooms are frequently found on grass, where they may be collected with a single swing of any instrument or weapon. A Vile Mushroom produces 5 Vile Powder, hence 6 Vile Mushrooms are needed to produce the necessary quantity of Vile Powder for Worm Food.

In addition, during a Blood Moon in a Corruption world, Vile Powder can be purchased from the Dryad NPC for 1 silver each.

In addition to being a component of Worm Food, it has the ability to convert any block into its Corruption equivalent, including Hallowed and Crimson blocks. Thrown at a rabbit, penguin, or squirrel, they transform into their corrupt counterparts.


Also available in the Corruption are Rotten Chunks. They have a chance to drop from corruptors, devourers, and eaters of souls. For all of the aforementioned foes, Rotten Chunks drop at a rate of 33%.


To sum up, Worm Food is a crucial boss-spawning item in Terraria that, if used to beat a boss, can yield a variety of benefits.

It is almost entirely unique to Corruption planets and is easily made with only Rotten Chunks and Vile Powder.

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