How to Make Your Microphone Sound Like Earrape

How to Make Your Microphone Sound Like Earrape

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How to Make Your Microphone Sound Like Earrape


When someone read your content, are you striving to attract their interest? Then you should employ this earrape strategy.

But you may be wondering, “What is earrape? Earrape is an audio strategy that uses static tunes, unpleasant clips, and static sounds to surprise and attract your audience’s attention.

Some producers utilize earrape to make their works as uncomfortable and as loud as possible. They employ this method to cause ear discomfort in their audience. Some people use it as an attention tool and a simple way to capture their audience’s attention if they believe they are not paying attention.

Earrape is a frequently utilized tactic on platforms such as TikTok and YouTube. Some individuals use it to perform pranks on their friends on Discord.

Regardless of your aim, this guide will teach you how to use an earrape creator so that you, too, may apply this effect to your work.

Is Earrape Illegal?

It depends on the nature of the action and the motive behind it.

For example, the majority of earrape memes employ a limiter to distort the sound without increasing the level. This behavior is not intended to hurt your hearing or speakers; therefore, it is acceptable.

However, there are several earrape that can cause discomfort and surprise the victim. Even if you didn’t mean to cause pain, this might still be considered a battery charge.

It can also be considered the damage of property and reckless endangerment of others. Since the memes are intended towards children, child protection regulations will make earraping a grave offense.

Generally speaking, it is illegal to cause harm, even if it is unintentional. Class C misdemeanors include patting someone on the back to express congratulations or colliding with them. This is actionable because a reasonable person would consider it a criminal violation.

If a meme begins at a modest intensity in your speakers and subsequently blows out your eardrums, some individuals may consider it to be hazardous to their property and health.


A person will not consider it a criminal offense if the earrape has the same volume but is distorted. Even then, it is difficult to prosecute, hence meme videos are rarely brought before earrape courts.

How do you Earrape Mic?

Today, the majority of singing, podcasting, video, and streaming microphones are equipped with earrape functionality, making the effect easier to achieve. As soon as they are plugged in, you are ready to go.

If you’re using a headset without a microphone, don’t worry. By modifying the PC settings, it is possible to eavesdrop on your microphone.

How to do it:

Find the System Settings
audible click
Recording to press
Press “Properties” after right-clicking your microphone.
Press, listen
Select “Listen to the device”
You may now use your microphone to earrape when you speak. For improved settings, right-click the microphone.
Choose “Advanced” in the properties menu.
Choose the “telephone quality” sound effect you prefer.
After applying the earrape effect, return your PC to your usual voice.

Software Effects and Earring Makers

Using the easily available effects and VSTs in your recording program is a further method for producing earrape. This technique is identical regardless of the DAW used. It is compatible with Audacity, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, FL Studio, and Logic Pro X.

How does it operate?

Begin by recording the earrape until you obtain the ideal scream or take. Next, add sound effects to your vocals and adjust their settings until you achieve the desired effect.

Additionally, you may earrape by manipulating the frequencies and EQ curve. Boost the treble and bass frequencies until you get a tingling sensation in your ears.

If you like for the recording to sound moist, add reverb and delay. Reverb and delay give your track a spacious, expansive, and expansive effect. Include some noise to provide the finest potential earrape effect.

Employ an Earring Maker


Earrape makers are applications that generate the earrape effect. Try the Audio Dankifier application, for instance.

This program is a catch since it facilitates the configuration of the earrape settings. In addition, it features a deep-fried effect and bass boost, which further intensify the impression.

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Using an earrape creator will give your material a distinctive spin. Consider your audience’s hearing when employing sound. The sound should be loud, but not so loud as to cause hearing loss.

After correctly configuring your audio, you will add a humorous sound to your content. Although it should be utilized cautiously, the earrape is a helpful addition to your arsenal of sound effects.

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