How to Pass a Drug Test with Hand Sanitizer

How to Pass a Drug Test with Hand Sanitizer
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It is feasible to know how to pass a drug test with hand sanitiser, but it is not easy. Several scientific techniques can detect tampered testing. However, hand sanitiser may also be beneficial.


With so many sophisticated detection methods, it is almost a surprise that people are still able to pass drug tests.

Learn how to pass drug tests with hand sanitiser in the section below. The steps are basic and, if done correctly, can be successful.

Using Hand Sanitizer to Pass a Drug Test

To pass a drug test with hand sanitiser, you must first acquire the required things. Then, you must practise before your exam date and submit the sample without being detected.

Step 1: Acquire the required items

Two 2-ounce bottles of hand sanitizer, a thermometer, and two plain, chilled urine samples are required. In addition, you need a urine test kit for practise.

One sample of hand sanitizer and urine is required for practise, while the remaining samples should be stored for test day. Using the specified products properly can make it simple to pass urine drug tests.

Step 2: Exercise before the exam

Utilize the first bottle of hand sanitiser for practise purposes. Turn out the majority of the liquid, leaving less than 5% of the entire amount in the bottle.

Add a clean urine sample to the bottle of hand sanitiser and store it in the refrigerator until use.

Place the sample in a microwave-safe container and microwave it in four-second intervals. Ensure the sample temperature is between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

To avoid detection, ensure the sample does not deviate from this temperature range.

Step 3: Maintain sample warmth

Put on a pair of tight underpants and position the sample (at its specified temperature) directly between your legs. Keeping the sample beneath your genitalia until the test begins will maintain its temperature.

Use second-hand sanitiser and urine samples after you have mastered the technique. If you cannot obtain multiple clean pee samples, you may use water for the temperature test.


Step 4: Provide a sample

The laboratory will provide you with a urine collection tube. Without attracting notice, you must move to a secure area, most likely a restroom or a closet.

Ensure the container you brought from home is returned to where your jeans are. You do not want anyone to discover the bottle of hand sanitiser after you have submitted the sample.

What are the Most Frequent Methods for Tampering with Drug Tests?
Utilising household items—The chemicals found in some illegal substances can be masked by household cleaning products.

Chemical additives: various chemical solutions can neutralise or minimise the presence of unlawful drug-related chemicals.

Most Frequent Substitutes to Pass a Drug Test

Vinegar According to research, vinegar has the highest likelihood of passing an undetected pee test adulteration. Many vinegar-adulterated samples can outperform household cleaning solutions for one simple reason: vinegar is natural.

When vinegar is used properly to conceal pee, laboratory equipment has a difficult time identifying any foul play. However, there is no evidence that vinegar can be used to circumvent a mouth swab drug test.

Artificial urine
If you cannot take the chance of failing a drug test, synthetic urine is a better solution. Typically, powdered synthetic urine is sold at some stores.

People who do not trust synthetic urine can simply obtain a sample from a person who does not utilise drugs or alcohol. However, care must be taken with such urine samples; they must be kept warm until the test is administered.

Table salt
Salt can be used to adulterate barbiturates contained in certain hypnotic medications. Using table salt to dilute a urine sample by 15 to 30 percent can disguise the presence of such chemicals in a laboratory test.

Goldenseal infusion
Tea made from goldenseal can conceal the presence of illicit drugs in a urine sample. However, such tea blends may cause postponement of the of the test due to darker urine colour.


Eye drops
Using eye drops can minimise or eliminate the identification of several benzodiazepines in drug samples. Benzodiazepines are commonly found in sedatives, hypnotics, and muscle relaxers.


Mouth swabs and urine tests are the most prevalent types of drug screenings that can be masked successfully. Your employer may randomly request a drug test, so it is prudent to be prepared at all times. It is important to note that you have certain privileges that will help you pass this examination.

No laboratory may see your urination or accompany you to the restroom. Additionally, it is prohibited for laboratory personnel to touch you in any way. These privileges allow you to falsify a urine or mouth swab test in private.

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