How to Put Multiple Enchantments on an Item Minecraft

How to Put Multiple Enchantments on an Item Minecraft
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Enchanting in Minecraft
Enchanting is a method of creating magical armour, weapons, and equipment.


To enchant an item, you must earn Experience Levels via trading, killing monsters, farming, mining, and smelting ore, among other activities.

In order to enchant an item, you must construct an Enchantment Table. Each enchantment costs 1, 2, or 3 Experience Levels, and you must also provide 1, 2, or 3 pieces of Lapis Lazuli.

For higher-level enchantments, you must have more experience levels (albeit only 3 will be used), and you must surround your Enchantment Table with Bookshelves.

Acquiring Experience Points

The game offers multiple opportunities to earn experience levels for use with enchantments.

Initially, you will get a great deal of experience via mining, farming, fighting monsters, and conversing with people.

If you wish to perform significant amounts of enchantment, you may wish to establish a large chicken farm or mob grinder in order to gain massive amounts of experience. Consult the tutorials area for inspiration.

Enchanted Books

Enchanted Books This allows you to save an enchantment for later use. Using an Anvil, the enchantment can be later applied to an item.

This is quite helpful if you want to build a certain item. For instance, if you desire a Fortune enchantment on a diamond pickaxe, you may enchant numerous books until you have the correct enchantment, then apply it on your valuable diamond pickaxe.

Combining the Magical

Once an item has been enchanted, the Enchanting Table cannot be used to further enchant it.

Using an Anvil, it is possible to combine two enchanted things or add a second enchantment to an enchanted book.


You can also combine the enchantments of two books to create a new book that is doubly enchanted.


Repairing Enchanted Items

An Anvil can be used to repair magically enhanced objects.

How to get the Enchantments you want

Each time you use an enchantment table, you will be presented with three alternatives, and for each selection, you will be informed of one enchantment that will be applied to the item, but not if a second or third enchantment will also be applied.

If none of the available options appeal to you, your only recourse is to enchant another object and try again.

Here are a few hints for some of the more desirable enchantments:


####Silk Touch

Enchant with at least 15 levels for a 10% chance, rising to about 15% at 30 levels.


Less than 9 levels will always get you Power I.

Enchant with at least 20 points for a chance of Infinity or Flame.


Enchant with a minimum of 8 levels for a chance of Fire aspect, 14 levels for a chance of Looting

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