How to Put on Chastity Cage

How to Put on Chastity Cage | Complete Guide

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How to Put on Chastity Cage? The concept of encasing your penis in a cage may not be appealing to everyone. However, for other people, having a penis is the ultimate form of surrender to someone they serve. Of course, you must be safe, especially if you are unfamiliar with the use of a chastity cage.


Male chastity refers to the act of fastening a device on your cock that prohibits you from masturbating or having intercourse; this can also be done in service to your lover or Dom/me, or for an event such as Locktober. Most chastity devices prevent you from having an erection. That’s half the fun of it.

Perhaps that does not sound like fun to you. After all, what’s the purpose of not getting off? To each their own, and for some, serving their dominant in any capacity, even if it means being chaste, is hot. Male chastity is so prevalent in the kink culture that it has its own month.

If it’s something you want to try, whether it’s wearing your own gadget or using one on someone else, we’ve done the legwork for you.

Starting with a chastity cage

Using a chastity cage while remaining safe
SSC is a highly essential acronym that you’ll find a lot in the BDSM scene. This abbreviation stands for Safe, Sane, and Consensual. Safety is always vital when using any new toy or bondage item, so let’s make sure we understand what we’re dealing with in terms of the material your new cock cage is made of and how it works before we use it.

Chastity cages are built of what materials?

Your cage might be constructed of silicone, ABS plastic, or metal, depending on the style you choose. Choose whichever material works best for you and your body; just make sure it does not irritate your skin. You’ll be fine if you’ve already used sex toys made from these materials. Remember that you will most likely be wearing this item adjacent to your skin for extended periods of time. Make sure you talk with your partners about their and your comfort.

Chastity key security

Most cages include a lock and key. You can give the key to your Dom/me or another trusted keyholder, but you’ll also need to keep your emergency key somewhere safe in case you need to unlock your cage.

If it feels safer to you, you could replace the locks with something like a safety seal or zip tie. Simply have a pair of scissors handy for removal. If your cage comes with two keys, we recommend keeping the second key in an easily accessible, nonkinky location.

There are ways for your Dom/me or keyholder to ensure you do not use your emergency key unless expressly authorised. If this is part of your chastity contract, you can participate in a variety of ways. Try putting it in an envelope with a wax seal, a lock box with a combination only they know, or somewhere unsavoury, like inside a jar of honey. They’d think twice about shoving your hand in there merely to masturbate.

Make sure you and your keyholder are both comfortable with the scenario however you chose to achieve your aim. The most critical considerations are safety and consideration. When someone says stop, it’s time to quit, no matter what your dynamic is.

Preparing to utilise a chastity cage

Cock cage designs vary almost as much as cocks themselves. Most, however, share the same fundamental components. There’s a ring that fits around your cock and balls, a shaft sheath, and locking pins to keep everything together.

Depending on the design of your cock cage, some of these components, such as the locking pin and ring, may come as a single piece. On other designs, the entire thing is presented as a single piece. In order to obtain the greatest fit, you’ll need to take some measurements on yourself before getting your cage.

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How to Measure a Cockroach for a Cage

Using a tape measure, determine the length of your cock. Place the end of the tape under your cock where it meets your balls, then place your member on the tape and measure from the tip. If you desire a more restrictive experience, go a bit shorter than this measurement; however, if this is your first cage or you are concerned about discomfort, go a little longer.

The ring size should be neither too large (if it is, you will be able to easily slip your cock and balls free) nor too little (if it is, you will be uncomfortable, and the ring may pinch). The greatest cock cages include a variety of rings so you may try them on and discover the one that best suits you. Some of the lower-priced cages only come with one ring, so you’ll have to hope it fits—or you can buy an adjustable cock ring like this Tracey Cox Edge and slip it over your cock and balls until they fit snugly, then measure the resulting diameter.

Should you shave before you put on a cage?

Most men prefer to do a little manscaping before caging to make things more comfortable, but not too much. Shaving bare can cause more chafing, therefore trimming may be preferable.

How to Wear a Chastity Cage

1) Keep it clean, clean, clean.

Check that your cock is clean, dry, and flaccid. If the notion of going into your cage excites you, consider taking a fast cold shower right before you begin or placing a cold pack (never place a cold pack directly on your skin, use a towel as a barrier) on your penis for a few moments before you begin. You could even relieve yourself with a masturbation session right before you begin.


2) Put the ring on.

If you have a one-piece ring, insert your cock first, then one testicle at a time, until the ring sits flush against your body. If your ring is split in two, you can close it around your cock and balls instead. Make sure not to pinch yourself! It’s alright to use lubrication for this phase because it may make things go more smoothly. If you’re having trouble getting your cock and balls through the ring without pain, you may need a larger ring.

3) Put on the sheath

Fill the sheath with your cock. You could want to apply some lubrication to make this simpler. If you prefer to keep the sheath dry, line it with a stocking or other hosiery, insert your cock, and pull the hosiery out through the tip.

4) Lock everything up and secure it for play.

Using the locking pins, secure the sheath to the ring. When you’re satisfied with how everything has come together, secure it with a padlock or zip tie.

1) DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage 3.5 Inch is the ideal cage to surrender with.

The Dominix Deluxe has a tight, solid shape that leaves barely 0.5 inch for his balls to rest. This cage is best suited for more experienced users who want to try long-term wear. Its open end enables for gentle teasing and easy washing of the sensitive head. The Dominix is ready to play with a two-piece cage, two keys, and open area for ventilation, easy cleaning, and bodily functions.

2) Male Chastity Cage Kit CB-6000

Trap your manhood in 3.25 inches of medical-grade polycarbonate for all-day pleasant chastity. CB-X cages are entirely customisable for the optimal fit, being transparent, vented, and ergonomically built for extended wear.

The CB-6000 is hypoallergenic and ventilated for comfort, and it has a urination/ejaculation hole. That means there’s no reason to get rid of it. It even comes with a set of plastic padlocks for when complete discretion is desired. This incredible cage is also available in a shorter version with a sheath measuring 2.5 inches for a more restricting experience.

3) 5.5 Inch Man Cage Large Plastic Chastity Cage

If you’re a bit bigger, this enormous cage might be the way to go. This 5.5-inch cock cage is made of rigid plastic and hinders your ability to get an erection for all kinds of denial-fueled enjoyment. This cage, outfitted with a variety of vents and an urine hole, is ready to keep you locked up for hours in ultimate (excruciating) comfort. Plastic and metal locks are included for your convenience.

4) Medium Silicone Chastity Cage Man Cage 4.5 Inch


If all-day chastity play is your jam, you’ll adore this smooth silicone cage from Man Cage. This 4.5-inch cage restricts your ability to stand and heats to your skin, providing exhilarating restriction all day. This model includes four plastic ball rings as well as numerous spacers for a custom fit. It is equipped with both plastic and metal locks.

5) Oxballs Male Chastity Cage Full Coverage

Full coverage chastity cage to keep the cock and balls in place. The internal length of the cage is 3.75 inches and the diameter is 1.5 inches. For comfort and flexibility, it’s made entirely of a squishy TPR-silicone blend.

Deciding to become chaste, whether for a month or longer, is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly. Making sure you have all of the necessary knowledge before purchasing a quality cock cage is a terrific way to start your chastity journey.

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