How to read-only farm in bl2

How to read-only farm in bl2
How to read-only farm in bl2? Farming is accomplished by discovering a chest, looting its contents, and then saving and reentering the game. When players re-enter an area, the chests will have respawned and can be opened again to obtain additional things or weapons.

You must set the.sav file to read-only, attempt to obtain the desired result, Save and exit the game, pick Character and then your save file, and then press Continue. When you are finished and wish to save again, simply deactivate read-only and force a game save.


There should be a separate save file for every character you create. If you only have one character, your folder will only include Save0001.sav. If a new character is created, it will be saved as Save0002.sav, etc. Every time the game saves, this file is overwritten. It does not generate a fresh save file each time the game is saved.

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The read-only attribute stops the game from overwriting the save file. If you do this immediately before turning in a quest, you can reload the save and turn in the quest again if you don’t receive the desired reward. If you wish to keep a quest prize or other item while your save file is set to read-only, you can store it in Sanctuary’s shared stash.

These items are saved to the Profile.bin file separately from the character save file, ensuring that they are not lost. Once you have obtained the quest prize, you can proceed by disabling the read-only attribute on the save file.

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