How to Redeem a Roblox Toy and Virtual Item Codes 2023

How to Redeem a Roblox Toy and Virtual Item Codes 2024

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Where can I find the code for the virtual item?


For Jazwares action figures: The code can be found on the front of the package on a token or on a code card stuck to the inside of the plastic packaging. Watch the Jazwares video to learn where to find the virtual item code.
For Nerf blasters and Monopoly: The code can be found in the package on the code card insert.
Examples of code card inserts:

For all other virtual item codes (e.g., Prime Gaming, Verizon, etc.), see the redemption instructions below.

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How do I use my virtual item code?

Note: If you have a digital code, skip to step 2.

If your code is covered, gently scratch it off.
Make sure you are logged into the Roblox account where you want to redeem the code.
Navigate to the Code Redemption Page.
Enter your code in the box.
Click Redeem. mceclip0.png
Check out your awesome new item in your account’s Inventory. Check the correct Inventory category (e.g. hat, backpack, head, accessories, etc.).


A virtual item code can only be redeemed to an individual’s account once. If you have a code for a virtual item that your account already owns, you can share it with another user. These items cannot be traded or sold.

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