How to Reload in the Last of Us

How to Reload in the Last of Us

The lack of a separate button for reloading in The Last of Us may cause you to become confused. Due to how slowly your character tends to reload, it is necessary to enter combat with a fully loaded weapon. This is especially true in situations where a fully loaded handgun can mean the difference between life and death.

How to Reload in The Last of Us Part 1

In place of a dedicated reload button, The Last of Us compels you to undertake a seemingly counterintuitive action. To reload your weapon in TLOU, you must press R2 when you are not shooting. It is not surprising that you are perplexed about how to replenish the magazine in the game. In most games, if you hit the fire button while not aiming, your character will still shoot.

This basic reload pattern applies to all rifles in the game. However, the bow is an exception to this rule. Holding L2 will cause Ellie to knock an arrow. By targeting and maintaining pressure on the fire button, your character will draw the bowstring and prepare to fire. You may want to cancel the action in this scenario. To cancel a shot, simply release the aim button.

As a rule, the longer it takes to reload a firearm, the more powerful it is. When choosing which weapon to use, you should bear this in mind. Thankfully, a number of firearms have modifications that increase magazine capacity or reload speed. Given that the default reloads time for each weapon, even the faster ones like the pistol is somewhat slow, these are immensely handy.

There is no method to increase your preset ammunition capacity. It is not logical for your character to carry only two magazines for each weapon. I suppose we should suspend our skepticism about this.

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