How to Save Your Game in Bloodborne

How to Save in Bloodborne
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Bloodborne is an exclusive PS4 game developed by From Software that incorporates Souls-like characteristics. Bloodborne has an extremely aggressive auto-save system, and everything you do will be saved. There is, however, a secure option to exit the game whenever you choose.

First, you can save your game wherever you choose. Press the Options button on your controller, pick the System option using the d-pad, and then select the Exit Game option.

This immediately returns you to Bloodborne’s main menu. If you choose to continue the game at any time, simply pick Continue from the main menu.

You could alternatively leave the game directly from the PS4’s home screen, but we do not recommend doing so as it may corrupt your save file and render it unusable.

Note that the save system cannot be misused, which means that if you pour all of your Blood Echoes into Skill by accident, you cannot undo this by exiting and loading the game. Everything you do in the game is saved, so consider carefully before making any important decisions.

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