How to scan NAV Beacons in Elite Dangerous

How to scan NAV Beacons in Elite Dangerous

How to scan NAV Beacons in Elite Dangerous? Elite Dangerous is an immense game. In order to put this into perspective, it is the same size as the Milky Way Galaxy. Counting the estimated tens of billions of solar systems, to say the game is massive would be an understatement. The vast majority are uninhabited, but a few solar systems reside within the Bubble of Humanity, which is home to numerous factions and groups.

Obtaining information about a habitable solar system is currently facilitated by a number of factors. We are discussing NAV Beacons, of course. These beacons provide rapid access to system-specific information for all pilots who enter a populated system. Planetary names and information, settlements, orbital stations, and fleet carriers, to name a few, are examples of such data.

Where to find

Locating a NAV Beacon is not as difficult as one might assume. Simply open your left panel and navigate to the navigation section to accomplish this. This list should contain the entry NAV Beacon. Once you have located and chosen to lock on to a target, fly to it in supercruise and drop in when you are within the allowed distance.

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How to scan NAV Beacons in Elite Dangerous

Now that you have dropped into the NAV Beacons area, you must locate its location. There are two ways to accomplish this; the first is to use your HUD radar to locate it. The second method is to lock onto it directly using the left panel’s contacts section. Once you have completed either of these steps and are locked onto the beacon, begin flying towards it in supercruise until you are close enough to enter its area. When you are in its vicinity, fly towards the beacon, and when you are close enough, your ship’s sensors will automatically begin to scan it.

Your ship’s sensors will complete the scan after a few seconds. Your ship will display a notification in the upper right corner and provide an audible confirmation when the process is complete.

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