How to sell cars in gta online without waiting for cooldown

How to sell cars in gta online without waiting for cooldown
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GTA Online provides a variety of opportunities for users to earn money and advance in-game.


In Rockstar’s open-world Los Santos, one such method is to sell vehicles at Los Santos Customs. It is regarded as one of the quickest and most effortless ways to generate money. The maximum number of autos that can be sold every day is the same regardless of whether the car was stolen or owned.

The new glitch, however, enables users to sell an endless number of cars in the game without a cooldown. Here is all you need to know about selling cars, the cooling-off period, and how to avoid it.

Exploring how selling cars works in GTA Online

In GTA Online, players have a great deal of freedom when selling cars for quick cash. They can either take a great automobile from a non-player character or sell the one they currently own. Despite being the easiest way to generate money, it is not as straightforward as the Interaction Menu.

Here is a step-by-step guide to selling cars in GTA Online:

  1. Select a car to sell and enter it.
  2. Head to the nearest Los Santos Customs.
  3. In the menu, scroll down and select “Sell.”
  4. Now select “Sell Vehicle” to confirm it.

The player can then view the money earned from selling the vehicle. The fee varies based on the type of car. However, it also depends on the vehicle’s condition. Damaged automobiles do not make lucrative sales. The ideal solution is to fix the vehicle prior to selling it, especially if it is customised.

Players should be aware that not every vehicle is saleable. LS Customs will not accept vehicles that were obtained for free. Similarly, few supercars or exotic automobiles, such as the Infernus and Cheetah, are deemed “too hot” to sell if they are stolen.

In GTA Online, however, each player has a daily sell limit based on their in-game profile and progression. There is a cooling-off period following the successful sale of a vehicle. Sometimes there is a restriction of one vehicle, and sometimes there is a limit of five, after which the cooldown period begins.

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