How to Send Money from Sierra Leone to Nigeria

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How to Send Money from Sierra Leone to Nigeria

An essential component of the global economy is the transfer of money from expatriates living in other countries to their home countries. Nigeria is one of the countries that receives the most international remittances. Numerous international money transfer methods are used by the millions of Nigerians who live and work abroad to send money home to support their friends and family. This post will describe numerous methods for sending money from Sierra Leone to Nigeria so that you can easily take care of your loved ones financially.


Rapidtransfer is a project of Ecobank that offers international money transfers between the 33 African countries in which Ecobank does business. Sierra Leone is one of the African nations that is a part of the Ecobank network, hence its citizens can use the Rapidtransfer service. Both Ecobank clients and non-Ecobank customers are eligible for the Rapidtransfer service. Therefore, if you live in Sierra Leone, you can send money with Rapidtransfer by going to an Ecobank branch, a site where a Rapidtransfer-branded agent is present, or by using the Rapidtransfer mobile app. Rapidtransfer’s daily transfer cap is $10,000, or, in this case, the equivalent in Sierra Leonean Leone.

To do this, you must go to any Ecobank office or a Rapidtransfer agent in your area if you want to transmit money via Rapidtransfer in person. You’ll have to fill out a Rapidtransfer Send form. A legitimate form of identification would be required when submitting the completed Send form together with the necessary cash, transaction costs included. The National ID Card, International Passport, Driver’s License, and Voter’s Card are only a few examples of the accepted forms of identity. The transaction is set up by the agent teller as soon as your proper identification document has been verified. After the payment has been made, you will receive a reference number for the transaction.

Within the first 24 hours of the transfer, your recipient in Nigeria can pick up the money with a valid photo ID at any Ecobank branch or RapidTransfer agent. Your recipient will complete a Receive form, which they will then hand over to the teller. The teller will pay the recipient of your financial remittance after confirming that they are in possession of a valid ID document.


The United Bank for Africa PLC’s AfriCash electronic money transfer service provides a quick and secure way to transmit money across Africa. The AfriCash payment system is open to everyone, allowing both account holders and those without a UBA account to utilize the service. One of the 20 nations with a subsidiary of the United Bank for Africa is Sierra Leone (UBA Sierra Leone Limited).

To do this, you must go to a nearby UBA office or sub-agent location in order to send money using AfriCash. A teller will hand you a Send Form to fill out. At the time the completed form is submitted, a legitimate form of identification, such as a National ID card, driver’s license, international passport, current or savings account with UBA, or association ID, will be requested. UBA and other significant banks in Nigeria accept direct deposits into recipient bank accounts, or you can use their cash collecting service. When sending money via account transfer, the funds are immediately credited to your recipient’s account.


The United Bank for Africa Sierra Leone Limited is an authorized agency partner for MoneyGram in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leoneans can easily send money across borders to a bank account, mobile wallet, or cash pickup thanks to UBA’s extensive branch network in that nation.

On a Send form, you will need to include crucial transfer information. You will specify the recipient’s information, the method of delivery, and the amount you desire to send. After you’ve filled out the form, paid the necessary fees (including transfer fees), and a legitimate form of identity, UBA processes your transfer using a high-performance web-based application. Your recipient receives the money immediately for direct account deposits. The beneficiary will be given a naira payo

With this said, sending money to Sierra Leone is difficult due to the lack of good money transfer services available. This doesn’t mean that sending money is necessarily hard, but the options available for sending money to Sierra Leone are limited and of lesser quality than many services for other countries.

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