How to Show Twitter Search Results in Alphabetical Order

How to Show Twitter Search Results in Alphabetical Order
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Twitter is an app that has been of positive tremendous contribution to its user. Through twitter, it is easy to access new information happening all over the globe. There are lot of trending gist on the app. It is a great app one can have on his or her phone. There are things one can still be unaware of like how to show result of what you are searching on twitter in alphabetical order. In this article, i would like to fill you in on what you can do to make sure what you are searching on twitter comes out in alphabetical order. There are features on twitter that you can sort alphabetically e.g twitter list.

What is twitter list?

Twitter list enables one to follow groups of people using twitter and interestingly, they wont come up on your timeline.  You can only see what you are interested in which is the actual content you want to see. It is very good in organizing and one can keep on track accounts on twitter that one is interested which brings an extension to your timeline.

How to create twitter list

click the Lists across the navigation bar of your profile page to create an empty list that you are interested should be aware that what is called ‘Twitter Lists Redux’ makes them easy to be accessed through your own timeline that is On the left-hand column, under your statistics which is above the trends that are current. Your list would appear.

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How to show twitter list aphabetically

Automatically, your Lists are sorted in alphabetical order. So you don’t need to reset it if you like it in alphabetical order. Incase you want to change the setting order, just click the ‘slider icon’ once it opens just click on ‘reset sorting’. If you’d like to reset the sorting order, click the slider icon and then click Reset sorting. If you still want to maintain it in alphabetical order, once you click the slider icon and then click on ‘sort alphabetically’ you would get what you want.

You can also sort for your followers on twitter alphabetically. The information below would show you how:

How to show follower search result alphabetically

You can sort out your twitter follower alphabetically; just follow the steps below:


Get an app of a third-party that you would be able to control your followers on twitter in a specific way.

STEP TWO: adhere to the given instruction to get your  information on twitter.  You would see on the webpage a blue button “Sign in with Twitter.” Click the button for website access.

STEP THREE: click “Screen Name” or “Name” in order to organize your followers alphabetically which can be either by their handles or the names they have joined to their profile.

These simple guide reveals how to show twitter search result. Once you apply this knowledge you won’t have problem regarding this issue on your twitter.

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