How to Stop Spray Paint From Rubbing Off

How to Stop Spray Paint From Rubbing Off
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Spray paint is one of the most straightforward paints to apply! Simply open the can, give it a good shake, and apply the paint to any desired surface.


And since spray paints are available in the same vast array of colors as traditional paints, it is clear why so many people prefer to use spray paint for home painting projects. However, quite a few of these individuals experience the common problem of paint rubbing off as soon as it is applied to any surface.

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How Do You Prevent Spray Paint from Wearing Away?

Have you ever observed how easily a freshly applied coat of spray paint can be rubbed off if the surface is accidentally touched? This occurs quite frequently, and for the majority of us, this is a very annoying obstacle because it ruins the evenly-applied coat of paint!


There is an easier way to resolve that. Before beginning to use paint, you only need to adhere to a few simple guidelines. These suggestions will help you avoid the problem of paint rubbing off.

Always opt for water-based spray paints for your final or base coat. Water-based paint can be applied over oil-based.


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Utilize latex or acrylic paint rather than lacquers.

  • Apply the paint to a small area first and allow it to dry completely. Then, touch the painted area to determine whether it is peeling. If it fades, replace the paint.
  • Before applying spray paint, the area must be cleaned properly. Remove dirt, rust, flaking, etc., before repairing all surface dents.
  • After applying paint, allow 24-48 hours for it to dry completely. It ensures the paint’s adhesion to the surface.
  • Choose a day when the weather is conducive to painting. Extreme heat or cold may not be optimal conditions for spray painting.
  • If the temperature fluctuates, use paints with additional propellants (type F) to reduce the amount of spray.
  • Ensure that the paint coat you are applying is sufficiently thick. Using little or thin paint is ineffective.
  • Do not attempt to repair the paint if you notice damage. Wait for the area to dry. Otherwise, the paint will begin to flake.
  • For a finer finish, add or utilize nozzles with finer spray tips (such as 220 mesh). It will greatly improve paint adhesion
  • Consider the use of a primer. It may protect spray paint more effectively. Priming also protects against cracks and water absorption.
  • The spray cans should not be stored in a cold box or refrigerator. Such storage conditions may lead to the formation of lacquer coatings within the aerosol. It may result in paint that is lumpy or grainy.
  • Wear hand gloves when undertaking a large spray-painting project.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation during your projects.
  • With these simple tips and life hacks, you will be able to prevent paint from rubbing off due to improper storage, application, or storage conditions.

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