How to Survive Night 3 fnaf 3 – Sure Guide

How to Survive Night 3 fnaf 3
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How to Survive Night 3 fnaf 3


Like its predecessors, Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 is absolutely horrifying and contains all the mysteries, hidden references, and Easter eggs that have been synonymous with the series.

It differs, though, in that its mechanisms are obscure. If this is your first time playing Five Nights at Freddy’s, there’s a high chance you’ll spend the first couple of hours wondering what you’re supposed to do.

Pocket Gamer is here to assist you not just in surviving your five nights at Freddy’s, but also in uncovering some of its mysteries.


Use the “play audio” button to entice Springtrap into a neighbouring camera screen. This is the most effective strategy to keep him away from you.

If you lose sight of the deadly rabbit on the cameras, though, avert your gaze from the feeds. On the last few nights, he can sneak up on you much more quickly and may be staring at you through the window or door. If so, you should not panic. Simply use the camera feeds to entice him back into the adjacent room. Perform swiftly.

If a system fails, it must be restarted promptly. Keeping Springtrap away should always be your top priority, so if you have options such as blocking a vent or coaxing him to an adjacent food source, take those steps first.

Although the ghosts may not be directly dangerous, the distractions they induce can be devastating. Understand their tendencies and avoid them with the same vigilance as a springtrap.

Confidential secrets

Chica’s cupcake has returned, and it will randomly appear on your desk in the security office as you work.

During certain minigames, you may find yourself in a chamber filled with shattered animatronics, along with the skull of an unnamed individual. Who might it be?

In Freddy’s minigame, you are placed in a series of identical rooms with Springtrap and three children. Except, there are only two children in one room; where is the third child?

When you initially launch Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, a newspaper clipping will appear. The hazy text surrounding the news article is really Scott Cawthon’s own comments on the brand.


Hidden in the background of the single photograph published in the press is a picture of Springtrap standing behind Freddy. This is seen if the brightness is increased while watching the clipping.

If you truly want to scare yourself, proceed to camera eight, where the Marionette mask is observing you from your right.

Springtrap can now simultaneously appear in two different camera feeds, but fear not, one of them is a fake.

Hidden animatronics

Only the most astute Pocket Gamers will discover the game’s hidden Springtrap photographs and artworks.

Some only emerge after the game is loaded and display pretty scary images of whoever is imprisoned in Springtrap attempting to escape.

Also, an adorable poster of Springtrap will occasionally appear on camera ten. Is he not adorable?

Mangle is unquestionably the creepiest animatronic, and once you see him gazing into your office window, you’ll agree.

Moreover, he appears on video feeds and screams at you, thereby destroying the ventilation system.


Freddy makes a unique cameo in Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, and will frequently come in ghost form to terrify you to death.

He will also occasionally appear in the backdrop of your camera feeds; however, you should disregard him as he is a rather harmless fluffball.

On occasion, a paper plate Freddy may appear on the wall of your office. Who places it there is unknown to me.

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