How to Take Blind off Window

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How to take blind off window? You’ll rarely need to take down your blinds. However, removing your window dressing every so often to do a deep clean can give them a new lease of life – and you might want to replace them with a new design once in a while. Removing blinds from their brackets isn’t rocket science, and it only takes a few minutes with these simple methods for the main types of blinds.


Blinds are one of the most popular window coverings. Their presence on the windows also creates an extra layer of insulation that reduces the entry of UV rays and unwanted heat.

Despite all these benefits, there comes a time when you’ve little choice but to remove blinds from the window. Perhaps you’re about to paint the window’s frame or having your windows repaired, or getting new windows altogether. You can’t do anything as long as blinds stand in the way.

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How to Take Blind off Window

We’re going to discuss methods using which you can remove the two most common types of blinds.

Removing Venetian Blinds

Here’s how you can remove Venetian blinds with standard brackets:

Step 1: Lift the blinds:

Pull the drawstring down to lift the blinds. Keep on pulling it until the blades have gone up and locked into their place.

Step 2: Lift the bracket:

To lift the bracket, first remove the clip that sits on top of the bracket. Insert the screwdriver between the bracket and the clip. Apply pressure on the handle of the screwdriver to lift the clip up and away. Repeat the same procedure on the other bracket.

Step 3: Pull out the blind

Since you’ve opened the brackets, pulling the blinds toward you would free them. Gently lift the blind before pulling it down and setting it aside on a flat surface.

Step 4: Unscrew the bracket

Your bracket would most likely be screwed into the wall. Use a drill bit to unscrew it. Make sure the bit is spinning in a counterclockwise direction. Repeat with the remaining screws. After you’ve removed all of them, place them in a plastic bag so that you don’t end up losing them.

How to remove roller blind

Step 1: Roll up the roller blind
Open your roller blinds up fully until they’re securely in place at the top of your window. Remove all obstacles and ornaments from your window sill. This will make it easier to lift the blinds from the brackets and avoid damage.

Step 2:  Uninstall the child safety clip
If you have a child safety clip installed, remove the screw holding it in place with a screwdriver. Pull the clip away from the wall to release the blind cord.

Step 3: Identify your bracket type
The brackets of your roller blinds will either be a pin or a wheel. A pin is located inside the blind casting on the opposite side to your cord and pushes against the bracket. If you have a plastic wheel, this should be situated in the top corner of your blind, on the opposite side to the cord, which you’ll be able to feel underneath the bracket.


Step 4: Release the blinds from the bracket
Push and lift your blind casting against the pin on the opposing side to release it from the bracket. For a plastic wheel, turn this anticlockwise until you hear the wheel click, then gently pull the blind free from the bracket

Removing Normal Blinds

Step 1: Take down the valance

The valance is a decorative border that covers the rail at the top of the blinds and has vanes underneath it. Hold the valance from both sides with both hands and gently push upwards. Keep on pushing until the valance isn’t touching the clips and then remove the valance.

Step 2: Rotate the vanes

Rotating the vanes will let you easily remove the blinds. Pull the bead chain located on the side of the blinds and open the vanes at an angle. Don’t open the vanes to the side.

Step 3: Wedge apart the vane from the vane carrier

Take a flat plastic card and insert it between the vane and the vane carrier. Insert it under the vane carrier’s bottom. This will loosen down the grip that is holding down the vane in its place. Gently detach the vane carrier from the vane.

Step 4: Remove the bead chain

A bead chain is located at the top of the blinds and you use it to rotate the vanes open and close. Once you’ve removed the wane, pull the bead chain out from the blind rail.

Step 5: Remove the spring clips of the rail bracket

Wedge a flat head screwdriver inside the spring clips of each bracket, which is located at the backside of the blind rail. Twist the screwdriver gently until the spring is released.

Step 6: Detach the blind from the rail

The blind rail will come in your hand once you have removed the spring clips. If it hasn’t, it is an indication that the spring clips haven’t been properly released from the bracket.

A small number of screws will be holding the brackets to the wall. Use a screwdriver to unscrew them and take off the bracket. Sometimes the screws might be very tight. Use an electric screwdriver instead of a manual screwdriver if that is the case.

If you aren’t going to install different blinds, use putty to patch the holes. Make sure you’ve put all the small items in a resalable plastic bag. This will prevent children or pets from putting them in your mouth.

How to remove vertical blinds


Step 1: Close the blinds
Roll up your blinds so they’re sitting securely at the top of your window. Clear away anything surround your blinds so you can easily access the area.

Step 2: Release the blinds from one bracket
Find the two brackets at the top of your blind panelling. Focus on one side of the blinds and, depending on your blind type, either lift the plastic lever that’s securing your blind in place or push in the plastic track sticking out of the bracket. Then pull upwards.

Step 3: Repeat on the other side
Locate the other bracket and pull upwards, softly releasing the blinds.






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