How to Take Blind Spot Mirrors Off

How to Take Blind Spot Mirrors Off
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How to Take Blind Spot Mirrors Off? A blind spot mirror is an accessory that you can attach to your car’s side mirror to improve your visibility on the road. It is commonly mounted on the surface of the side mirror using a stick-on adhesive and is also known as a fish-eye mirror.

This stick-on mirror improves your safety by allowing you to see parts of the road that your side mirror does not show, also known as blind spots. However, putting it in the wrong place can make it useless.


How to Remove Blind Spot Mirrors from Your Car

Removing blind spot mirrors from your car can be difficult. Apart from detaching the mirrors, the adhesive on the back can leave a residue that can be difficult to remove.

Some people prefer to remove the adhesive from the side mirror with a single-edge razor blade, while others use fishing line or dental floss.

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Using Fishing Line to Remove Blind Spot Mirrors:

Fishing line and scissors
Spray of water displacement
WD-40 on a soft cloth (optional)
Make a 12-inch piece of fishing line. Spray the outside edges of the blind spot mirror with your water-displacement spray.

Wrap the ends of the fishing line around each hand for better control and grip.
Position the fishing line above the mirror, gently moving it back and forth until the line reaches the back of the mirror.


Continue moving the fishing line in this manner, adding more water-displacement solution as needed.
Gently pull the fishing line downward until you can easily remove the mirror.
Remove any remaining solution and adhesive residue from the mirror with a soft cloth. To thoroughly remove the residue, use small circular motions.
If the sticky adhesive residue is particularly difficult to remove, try spraying some WD-40.

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