How to Take off Back Windshield Wiper

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How to take off back windshield wiper? The rear window wiper can become worn over time because of its exposure to the elements. Most manufacturers recommended checking the blade at least every six months by inspecting it visually and running it when the window is wet. Replacement blades are available at most auto parts retailers. To determine which one fits your vehicle, consult the catalogs in the wiper aisle for the model, make and year of your car, van or truck. Match the product numbers in the catalog to the proper wiper in the display rack.


Are you having trouble keeping a clear windshield? If so, this can impair your visibility while driving in the worst of conditions – heavy rain, snow, etc. It goes without saying that the problem needs addressed, and that may be as simple as changing your windshield wipers or wiper blades.

How to Take off Back Windshield Wiper

Folllow the steps below which would guide you on how to take off back windshield wiper:

Raise the windshield wipers. This is the first step to changing your windshield wiper blades. When lifted, the wiper arm should rest unassisted above the windshield without touching the glass.

Remove the wiper blade from the wiper arm. To do this, you will have to release the connector. There are three common connector designs, and they each release a little differently.

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  • Hook-slot connectors are shaped like a “j” at the end of the blade. This j-hook has a tab that needs to be lifted or pushed to release the blade. Once released, push or pull the blade down toward the base of the wiper arm to remove it from the hook slot.
  • Pin-type connectors are fitted with a protruding pin that points down from the end of the blade. This pin pushes into the side the wiper arm and has a tab that fastens it in place. The tab will need to be lifted from the top with a flat head screwdriver or pushed up from underneath the wiper arm. Once the tab is released, the blade can be removed by pulling it sideways off of the arm.
  • Straight-end connectors have grooved ends that slide onto the windshield wiper arm. They also may have a tab on top of the existing blade that must be lifted with a screwdriver to release the blade from the arm. Once released you may have to adjust the angle of the blade to pull it away from the arm
Install the new wiper blade. This will also depend on the type of fastener used on your car.
  • For hook-slot connectors, slide the new wiper blade into the hook slot at the end of the wiper arm.
  • For pin-type connectors you should slide the arm on from the same side that you removed the original wiper blade. Once it is in place, lock down the tab to hold the blade.
  • For straight-end connectors you may have to change the angle of the blade to make it slide onto the wiper arm. If your design has a clip or tab, make sure that it is locked down as well.

Test your wiper blades. You don’t want a wiper to fly off on the open road. To make sure this doesn’t happen, spray water or windshield wiper cleaner onto your windshield and turn on the wipers. If they are wiping properly you are finished. If they appear to be loose or wiggling on the arm then you should make sure they are properly fastened before driving again.

How to Take off Clip-on Windshield Wiper

Inspect the sides of base closest to the bottom for a flange or lip. You are looking for a place that you can slide something between the wiper arm and its base. This will allow you to remove the arm.

Find a wiper arm remover or flat head screwdriver. Using a windshield wiper arm remover is best, however a flat head screwdriver can also be used to do the initial prying needed.[1] Slide your tool under the base of the wiper arm and use it to pry the arm loose from the base or drive post.

Place a piece of cardboard or shop rag between your prying tool and the vehicle. This will protect the paint and/or plastic around the base of the wiper arm as you pry.


Twist or pry the wiper arm remover or screwdriver. This will increase the space between the flange or lip of the wiper arm and the base of the arm. As the arm loosens, you will be able to pull it off of the base.

Lift the wiper blade up from the windshield with one hand and hold the point of attachment with the other. Gently rock the wiper blade back and forth while lifting with both hands and remove it from the drive post.










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