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How to Take off Gov Ball Bracelet

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How to take off gov ball bracelet? Gov ball is a little less than month away and the NYC festival has sent out wristbands to folks who bought passes. As Gothamist points out, some excited people decided to try them on already  — which is not a very good idea. You have to leave them on, or cut them off:


If you’re gotten yourself into this situation, Governors Ball allows you to replace your wristband at Will Call on festival grounds for a $20 fee.

Festivals everywhere use non-removable woven wristbands to help identify those who should be there and those who should not. Anyone caught without a wristband on festival grounds can be quickly removed by security.

Gov ball bracelet known as festival wristband are also increasingly being used to create a cashless festival ground, with QR codes allowing you to “top-up” and make purchases with a flash of your wrist. We’ve all been there. Whilst removing your festival wristband can really feel like the experience is over and it’s back to normal life, unfortunately it might have to go.

When the festival comes to an end, your only keepsake might be the mud on your boots and the loop of fabric on your wrist. While some people keep them on as a badge of honour, others want the grubby bit of fabric removed as quickly as possible.

Whilst some choose to keep their wristband on permanently, many people work in an environment where it’s slightly inappropriate. And then there are hygiene factors to consider too (do you wipe your bum with that hand?!).

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Of course, the easiest way to remove a festival wristband is to cut it off with scissors. But what if you want to keep it intact as a memento or display it as part of a collection?

How to Take off Gov ball Bracelet

There are two gov ball bracelet: the metal and plastic.


A plastic toggle typically has tiny spikes on the inside that allow the fabric to move through one way but not the other. In order to remove a festival wristband with a plastic toggle:

  1. Take the two loose ends of the wristband fabric and hold them together
  2. Twist them tightly to reduce the surface area of the fabric as much as possible
  3. Wiggle the plastic toggle down the fabric towards the loose ends as if you were unscrewing it
  4. Once you have wiggled it far enough down the fabric, you should now be able to pull your hand out keeping your wristband in tact.A metal toggle wristband is slightly different due to the way it is closed on to the fabric. Whereas the plastic toggle closes the fabric simply by moving it towards the wrist, a metal one is typically closed shut using a press.

    These are a little more difficult to remove than those with plastic toggles. There is one method using a plastic bag (covered in the next point), but this can be painful and not always effective.

With a metal toggle festival wristband, the best way to remove it is simply to prise open the clip so that the fabric can flow through. You can do this by using plyers or a flat head screwdriver.

BE CAREFUL: It is very important to be careful when using tools so close to your wrist. Avoid using sharp scissors or tools for this reason. Pliers are usually a lot safer but it’s always recommended to have a friend or family member help.

You can also use a plastic bag to remove your gov ball bracelet.

There is a little hack you can use for removing your festival wristband using a plastic bag. However, if it is very tight on the wrist then it can be a little bit painful and might not always work.

The steps for removing a festival wristband using a plastic bag are:

    1. Put your hand with the wristband on inside the plastic bag
    2. Take the handles of the bag and pull them through the space between your wrist and the wristband
    3. Grab both handles and pull towards your fingers with as much force as necessary
    4. The wristband should begin to roll out over your hand and voila! Your wristband should now be off. If none of these methods worked for you then the best solution is to find a way to break the clip so that the fabric comes out unscathed. If you want to wear it again (after washing of course) then you can find a new clip or paperclip to hold it in place.

To make it easier to remove, ask for the band not to be tightened too much. When the festival wristband is placed on your wrist, try not to play with it. This will tighten the band and make it harder to remove at the end of the festival.








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