How to Tame Chalicotherium in Ark

How to Tame Chalicotherium in Ark
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Taming a Chalicotherium can be difficult without the proper expertise; this sloth-like monster has a hidden fondness for genuine beer.


With the appropriate counsel, the perfect position, and the special food in their inventory, players could envision themselves riding this Chalicotherium in minutes.

Tame the Chalicotherium by equipping Beer Jars to your inventory, then sneak behind it and feed. Repeat until the beast is tamed.

The Chalicotherium Taming Method

Chalicotherium cannot be tamed by the traditional tranquilizer-and-feed method and must be tamed nonviolently.

Chalicotherium is a gentle herbivore that likes to lie around or play with its relatives in the colder sections of the island. It is, however, extremely territorial, and will attack any unwanted creature, young or old, with the slightest provocation.

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We’ll need the following stuff to get ready for this:

Ghillie Set

To reduce the likelihood of a dinosaur turning aggressive, you must have a complete set of this armour type in Ark.

Find the Chalicotherium


The first task is to find it, which can be found on all maps in the coldest zones, spawning in smaller packs of 1-3. To give you a better perspective, we aggregated all of the spawning places below!

Begin taming it.

Once located, the player can tame Chalicotherium. Because this creature is prone to aggression, you should approach with caution. Approach the Chalicotherium from behind and wear a ghillie.

To tame the dinosaur, the player must sneak up on it and feed it. To feed it, equip beer in your last item slot; once fed, the player must go some distance and wait 1 minute before feeding it again. When the taming bar is nearly finished, it will require additional food. When it’s finished, mount a saddle and enjoy everything they have to offer.

What Do Chalicotherium Eat in ARK?

The Chalicotherium is a beer-drinking species from Ark: Survival Evolved that exclusively drinks beer when wild and berries when domesticated. To make beer, the following ingredients are required:

Beer Barrel Berries


Thatch Jar Make the beer by putting berries and thatch in a beer barrel and letting it ferment until you have a liquid that you can pour into your glass jar.

It takes a few hours for 1 beer to be ready, and you’ll need at least 5 to tame a higher level one, so make a lot of barrels or wait a few days.

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