How to Tame Compy in Ark

How to Tame Compy in Ark
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How to Tame Compy in Ark? Despite their diminutive size, these animals can be highly lethal when swarming survivors and other species.

Compy is frequently observed meandering around and will ultimately approach anything that attracts their attention, culminating in the chance of others accompanying it to attack.

When contacted by a survivor, a single Compy will be harmless and will not attack, but when other Compy arrive, they will begin to swarm the survivor.

Survivors can have Compy accompany them and even ride on their shoulders, while some survivors may have several of these not only for pets but also because they are capable of overwhelming foes.

When one sees a Compy, just a few things come to mind: they are primarily a pet, a nuisance, and in groups a terrible menace to those who have not tamed them.

A single Compy is harmless by itself, but in groups, they become bloodthirsty and will seek to take down prey considerably larger than themselves.

It appears that the more Compy there are in a pack, the more confident they are in attacking their victim.

While a Compy will not normally assault survivors, if one approaches them, it will summon its pack, which may attack them.

Domesticate Compy will retain their pack bonuses, allowing them to utilise their increased speed and power when they are close to one another.

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