How to Tell if F150 Has Max Tow Package

How to Tell if F150 Has Max Tow Package
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How to Tell if F150 Has Max Tow Package


Reading the owner’s handbook or entering the Vehicle Identification Number on is a good way to determine whether a Ford F-150 has a Max tow package. With these two ways, it is simple to determine whether your truck has a maximum towing package. If it does not, there are alternative ways to determine whether or not your car offers this option.

What is the F-150 Max Towing Package?

What does the F150’s max tow package consist of? This package is a collection of features and capabilities that enable your F150 to effortlessly tow up to 13,000 pounds.

To put this into context, the average RV weighs between 4,000 and 8,000 pounds. The F150 with the maximum tow package will be able to tow this without much difficulty.

The F150 Max tow Package features the following components:

  • 3.5 Ecoboost or 5.0L V8 Engine (Before the 2021 model) 20″ wheels
  • Improved front anti-sway bar
  • Upgraded rear spring
  • Bigger bed
  • Extended wheel base
  • Electronic locking of gears
  • Bigger gasoline tank option
  • Receiver coupler
  • Bigger side view mirrors
  • Trailer plug
  • Intensive cooling (radiator and oil cooling)
  • braking control
  • Towing/hauling mode
Simply told, the Max tow package includes components that are specifically engineered to enable your F150 to draw heavier loads. The features also make towing a trailer with your F-150 easier and safer.

The rear springs on an F150 with the max tow package are significantly thicker than those on a conventional F150, allowing them to bear greater pressure when towing or hauling.

The larger wheelbase provides more balance and control, particularly while towing a trailer.


The F150’s haul/tow mode is exclusive to the max tow package and allows the vehicle to move down gears in an automated transmission dependent on the weight of the trailer and the road grade.

In contrast to manual transmission automobiles, automatic transmission vehicles cannot downshift. This revolutionary innovation enables you to securely and effectively tow a trailer behind your F-150.

Can a Max Tow Package be Added Aftermarket?

In both theory and practice, absolutely. You must understand the consequences of any add-ons you implement.

For instance, an F150 with a shorter wheelbase may not be able to sustain the maximum tow package because it may lose balance when towing heavier loads.

Implementing the aftermarket option will be significantly more expensive than having the option included from the factory. The condensed version of a long story is that you must be well-informed on the consequences of any modifications you make to your tow package.


If you wish to enhance your F150’s towing capabilities, the Max Tow package is an excellent addition, this article should have helped you understand how to determine if your F150 has the max tow package.

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