How to train a Siamese Kitten

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Training a Siamese has a really cool outcome. Your Siamese will be able to do tricks and understand orders on command. That’s very different from our usual outlook on cats. But what makes the Siamese so different from other cats? Well, it’s all about their personality.


This breed is one of the most social cat breeds out there. Siamese Cats love to be around other people and talk your ear off. They follow you everywhere, sit on your lap, and ask you in Siamese Cat language how your day is going. They give their unsolicited advice and encourage you to follow suit.

Siamese Cats are also easy to please. Their social comfortability is one of the reasons this cat breed is so easy to train. The Siamese cat is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. These cats were always highly revered by monks, priests, and royalty. But don’t let that fool you. These cats are for anyone that enjoys a chit-chatty cat. As long as you understand what it takes to raise a Siamese, this breed is a wonderful house pet.

Why you should train your Siamese Cat

Teaching your cat to do a trick is pretty cool. But that’s not why training is important for the Siamese. With training, you get the opportunity to provide mental and physical challenges for brain stimulation. You also encourage exercise, depending on the physical difficulty of the training session.

Both of these points combined help with better behavior management. You won’t see nearly as many behavior problems, and you and your cat will sleep better knowing this. But the best part about training your Siamese Cat is the bonding. This is your time to foster a beautiful relationship with your cat. The positive reinforcement will strengthen the trust and love with your fur baby.

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The Siamese cat is one of the most intelligent cat breeds, according to owners and experts. A cats brain contains over 300 million neurons compared to 160 million in a dog. Siamese cats love to show off how easy they are to train, they interact well with humans, and they know how to get what they want.


As you can see cats are very smart especially the Siamese, there is no scientific evidence out there that the Siamese is smarter than any other breed but you only need to ask a Siamese cat owner and they will tell you just how clever this breed is.

It’s possible to not only house train your Siamese cat with basic skills such as using the litter tray but you can also teach them how to sit, to give you their paw and also teach them how to play fetch. Training your Siamese cat also provides physical and mental stimulation which is super important to a breed as inquisitive as the Siamese and it can help reduce any boredom related behavioral issues.

How to train a Siamese Kitten

So one of the first items you will need is a clicker – A clicker is used to give your cat clear instructions when engaging in training, this is a small handheld device that when pressed makes a clicking sound. (You would have never guessed it). You will also need a target stick which is used to train your cat and to instruct them to follow the stick wherever you want the cat to go.

Use the leash training to train your cat: Many pet owners consider it totally inhumane or cruel to leash train their cats, but at the same time, it is important to understand that it is significant for the safety and security of the cat. Cats are naturally independent and as such they oppose using a leash, but when taking the cat outdoors, it is important for the cat to wear a leash and a collar. In order to ensure the same, light weight leash can be used while giving sufficient time to the cats to get acclimatized to the same.


You can train your cat with the litter training: as soon as the Siamese cat is brought home, its Litter training must begin and for this it is imperative to pick up right supplies.  A simple and convenient litter box must be chosen for this purpose. Place your cat in the litter box when it needs to do its “business”. Doing it again and again will help him to understand that whenever he needs to do it’s “business”, he need to use this litter box.

Siamese cats are considered more like dogs in their behavior and temperament. They are highly affectionate, inquisitive, intelligent, smart, fun loving and most important of all- Highly trainable! They have been blessed with a very good nature and they possess an intense need to stay in close contact with the human beings. They love to follow their owners and display their affection for them.





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