How to Trick a GPS Ankle Monitor

How to Trick a GPS Ankle Monitor | Full Procedure

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We’ll demonstrate how to trick a GPS ankle monitor. But first, what exactly is a GPS ankle monitor? A device that tracks and keeps track of a person’s movements based on GPS position is called a GPS ankle monitor. Children and others who are unable to go outside can be tracked and watched with this.


A tool that aids in tracking physical activity is the GPS ankle monitor. The GPS ankle monitors are used to track the activities of patients and personnel and to confirm that environmental rules and regulations are being followed.

The best feature of a GPS ankle monitor is that it can be remotely activated by parents or other caregivers, who can also modify the child’s level of security.

A lot of people use them to monitor their exercise routines and other health-related activities like sleep patterns. GPS ankle monitors are highly helpful for persons with autism or other illnesses that result in behavioral issues in children because of all these aspects.

A GPS ankle monitor is a monitoring gadget that can be used by businesses, parents, individuals, and law enforcement to keep tabs on their whereabouts. When the wearer hits the button three times, a personal locator beacon (PLB) that broadcasts to emergency rescuers is included.

These ankle monitors should not be viewed as a substitute for those looking to elude police enforcement. They are designed for individuals who require these tools for either personal or professional use.

An innovative new technique to monitor workers on-site is with GPS ankle monitors. Companies can use them to keep track of where their personnel are and ensure that they aren’t acting in a risky or unprofessional manner.

The two main advantages of using these gadgets are for employees to be able to know when they should be concentrating on job activities instead of anything else and for employers to be able to monitor what their employees do.

What Are Some GPS Ankle Monitor Tricks?

A GPS ankle monitor: is it foolable? This kind of technology can be manipulated, yes. By removing the tracker from your shoe or disassembling the detector itself, you can fool a GPS ankle monitor into believing that it has not been tracking your physical activity or that it has been diverted from its course.
There are numerous strategies for getting around a GPS ankle monitor. Use a handful of these tips to be extra safe in case you decide to leave your house or place of business for the day.

Reverse Walking

If your employee is walking backward while attempting to avoid the GPS ankle monitor, it will not function properly because it must repeatedly catch up with them as they walk backward.

Walking Quickly

This GPS ankle monitor is a gadget that is intended to help people complete their tasks in the most effective manner possible. One significant disadvantage of this gadget is its inability to discern between walking and running. This means that if you want to fool a GPS tracker, the simplest way to do so is to move quickly.

Stay still for four minutes before beginning to walk in circles.

This will deceive the system into thinking you were pacing for four minutes, triggering the motion sensor, which will stop tracking your whereabouts in this area – as long as you don’t move from this spot for a while.

Many times leaping up and down on one foot

Twisting your body in such a way that the monitor has no idea where you are; swiftly kicking your feet back and forth.

Walk up the stairs

Running up and down the stairs in your building can be one technique to divert the device because it will start on one floor and swiftly go back down until it is close enough for you, trapping you in a loop. Depending on how your building was built, it might also become caught on some stairs.

Put a call through

It can sometimes be helpful to avoid observers from detecting what is going on with your ankle monitor by accepting a phone call while loud background music or noise is playing because they won’t be able to hear anything else coming through the receiver.


Attach a string to your ankle.

It will appear as though you are clutching onto something for stability or balance if a string is placed around your ankle. By rushing away from the gadget or leaping up and down, you can also utilize this technique to divert attention from it.

Turn off the ringer and speed dial on your phone.

You don’t want it to be an unwanted distraction when using a GPS ankle monitor to disguise your whereabouts because these settings interfere with the signal.

Keep a weighty object in your pocket.

This ought to be able to block out all nearby wireless signals that could interfere with a GPS tracker’s accuracy.

Before putting on your shoes, make a water displacement on your feet.

The vacuuming shoes will pick up the water, reducing the quantity of GPS data that is recorded per second.

Your shoe soles should contain slick material.

As a result, it will be more difficult for a GPS ankle monitor to track your movements, giving you more time to prepare an escape route.

Get Dirty and Rub Your Leg

As a result, your device will have a tougher time precisely determining where you are. Your GPS tracking system will ultimately give up on you as a result of you walking in circles. If there is no carpet or other surface that the gadget may be used to locate itself on, this approach will work well.

How Can A GPS Signal Be Blocked On An Ankle Monitor?

GPS signals can be disrupted by wet trees, plastic containers, aluminum foil, or even a tin box filled with dense materials.

How Do You Remove A GPS Ankle Watch?

Ask your probation officer whether you can get your ankle monitor removed as it’s a requirement of probation. They’ll meet with the judge if you can convincingly argue against removing the monitor. The judge might be visited.
The second step could be difficult since you have to convince the judge that you no longer require the ankle monitor and are performing appropriately without it. Because the judges in this case are not harshly critical of the ankle monitor, it would be straightforward to persuade them. The key in this scenario is to have a solid justification for removing the monitor early. A damaged ankle monitor that provides erroneous data can be one of the causes.

Therefore, it proclaims you to be intoxicated even while you are sober. This is why you need to remove the ankle monitor. You are now prepared to perform toxicity checks in person.
The third stage is to draft a motion that will be submitted to the judge. An important legal document with a distinctive format for making your case to the judge is a sign. You’ll find a number of printed publications on the court’s website. You might as a consequence when typing the motion.

How To Take Off My GPS Ankle Monitor Without Getting Caught

The bracelet is the primary initial challenge. A fiber optic cable built inside the bracelet can be damaged, cut, or deformed to the point of cracking before it sounds an alert. If the system detects no disruption, an alarm will sound. The results of breaching the law include going back to jail or failing to follow the rules of one’s home confinement.

GPS blocker: Good try, but the cops can easily spot this jammer and let your parole officer know. They can also monitor you using the signals from your cell phone. The “Ankle Bracelet” uses unique technology to warn you if someone is attempting to block GPS signals. First and foremost, it is against the law to possess and use them.

The federal government forbids it. Second, they have a limited range and powers. Thirdly, the GPS tracking tool can identify attempts to jam the GPS signal. There is currently no other GPS tracking device on the market that offers this data.

Ankle monitors are blocked by aluminum foil.


Many individuals on electronically monitored bail or community-based punishments attempt to conceal their ankle bracelets, despite the fact that this is not a surefire method of avoiding detection. One of the key strategies for lowering the prison population is electronic surveillance.


In summary, there are numerous solutions to the topic, “How To Trick A GPS Ankle Monitor?” Or, how can I remove an ankle monitor without damaging it? Use the above-mentioned methods to trick the GPS ankle monitor.

A useful tool for parents of wandering kids, the GPS ankle monitor may also be used to keep an eye on employees’ whereabouts to make sure they aren’t breaking any regulations or stealing from a business. However, we can still deceive it.

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