How to Update a 1970s Stone Fireplace: Complete Guide

How to Update a 1970s Stone Fireplace
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How to Update a 1970s Stone Fireplace – One of the best aspects of owning your own property as a homeowner is the ability to make substantial changes. One of the first things a homeowner who purchases an older home will do is pull out the older aesthetics. For some, this may imply removing a stone fireplace. If you are stuck with an old-school 1960s or 1970s stone fireplace, you can consider tearing it out and starting over. However, before you do, you might apply a few basic strategies to modernize and improve the overall appearance of the fireplace.


This will result in a fireplace that looks better, feels more modern, and should give you a superior aesthetic finish. However, what, however, are the major solutions for renovating and improving a 1960s or 1970s stone fireplace? What should you actually be concentrating on?

How to Update a 1970s Stone Fireplace

Begin with the Fundamentals: Paint the Stonework

Many people will paint the stonework first to ensure that it matches the rest of the wall. Many old-fashioned fireplaces stand out because the stone (or brick) has such a striking color. However, blending it in with the color of the rest of the walls will result in a much more refreshing design.

So, take the time to examine the stonework carefully and begin trying to resolve the problem. The colour of the stonework is always an excellent way to modernise the look and feel without having to change too much. It gives newness to the design that was previously lacking. Furthermore, it helps to conceal any yellowing that may exist inside the old masonry.

Make it the Focal Point of Your Design.

Another option to the above would be to simply add some extra high-contrast colouration. Simply apply a couple coats of darker paint to the stonework to achieve this effect. This should result in a higher contrast finish. When compared to the rest of the wall, it should now stand out while still looking nice and modern. If your wall is a rich red, you might use a darker and more passionate red to help provide a more high-contrast finish to the stonework.

This might help to ensure that your fireplace retains its original purpose of being a distinct focal point within the decor of the area. This might be a great way to modernise the fireplace without losing its role as one of the room’s main design components.

Add a New Mantel

A new mantle is a great way to ensure that your old-school fireplace looks the part. Changing and discarding the old mantel with something new will help bring a bit of extra vigour and freshness to the overall design. This works nicely since it helps to eliminate the antiquated mantel and introduce something that feels a little more refreshing overall.


One thing to keep in mind regarding such a mantel is that it can help to provide a bit of extra elegance while also giving you a bit of extra room. You may find that the old mantel makes it appear crowded; replacing the mantel with something new may offer a sense of space that was before lacking.

Older designs are often fairly cramped; this would assist in adding an extra layer of spacing to the design without going excessive.

Re-tile the Hearth

However, one of the greatest ways to improve the appearance of your old stone fireplace is to modernize the hearth itself. Most older fireplaces have a dated hearth. You may vary the appearance and tone of the entire fireplace by changing this.

This will work well because it will help to bring the current style you seek into your home. Even something as simple as a masonry veneer can offer a great imitation stone appearance that is easily changed and removed in the future. This might help you preserve the vintage aesthetic you want while making it look fresher, newer, and overall brighter.

Keep this in mind, and you should find it much easier to remodel and modernize your stone fireplace. Even something as simple as masonry veneer can drastically alter the entire appearance.


Finally, keep in mind that the operation of your stone fireplace may need to be updated. Converting to a gas fireplace, for example, could be an excellent way to breathe new life and vitality into your fireplace that was before lacking.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge, but it is not intended to replace formal and individualized advice from a competent professional.

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