How to View Private Instagram Without Surveys

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How to view private Instagram without surveys? Sometimes you stand on an Instagram account whose posts aren’t for public viewing. They will only accept where only accepted followers can view their Instagram posts.


In this article, we would fill you in on some working tools that help you to view Private instagram without surveys. You could as well view private photos and videos. The list contains a lot of tools most of them are still working now. Still we recommend the tools we added at top 3 like Glassagram, EyeZy Instagram, and mSpyInstagram online tracker.

How to View Private Instagram Without Surveys


Glassagram comes first on our list. It is one of the best Instagram viewer apps out there. It is an anonymous Instagram story viewer that lets you watch Instagram stories anonymously. Using Glassagram is easy. Sign up for the service, choose your subscription plan, install the Glassagarm app on the targeted Android device and wait until devices are linked and the data starts sending.

Glassagram is not just a tool to watch Instagram stories, but a great option to use a video tracker, direct message viewer likes viewer and a perfect location tracker. Here are some notable features of Glassagram.

  • Easy to Use
  • Real-time updates
  • Best price
  • Best of the best to watch Instagram stories anonymously

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Eyezy InstagramEyeZy Instagram comes next to our list. With an EyeZy tracker installed, you’ll always be in the know of their chats, their pictures, review time and date info and a lot more. EyeZy got plans for every user. It is really easy to get started with EyeZy. Just create your account and choose the plan and you are ready to explore EyeZy. EyeZy is the best monitoring app for keeping an eye on your loved ones.

  • Most powerful Phone monitoring software on the planet.
  • Perfect Instagram Monitoring App
  • Instagram activity trackers let you browse through conversations visually
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent customer support



mSpy Instagram Online Tracker is the first tool on this list. It is one of the popular parental monitoring software that allows you to view your activities easily. It is absolutely like a private Instagram viewer, but a professional one that lets you track your child’s activity through their mSpy.

You can easily track messages, locations, call information, and a lot of through the app. You just need to log into your mSpy account through the app or from the browser to get the information. One of the main reasons why we love mSpy over other similar tools is that mSpy is a fully legal parental control application that has been approved by a lot of reputable organizations.

All you have to do is just install the mSpy app on your child’s smartphone. If it is an Android or iOS device it works perfectly with the application. mSpy will silently run in the background and your child will not be able to see that the app is installed on their device.


4K Stogram comes next to our list. With 4k Stogram it is possible to view stories anonymously. It helps you to download Instagram photos, accounts, hashtags, and locations easily. It is one of the best tools I ever found to view private Instagram photos and videos. All you want to do is download the app to your Windows, Mac or Ubuntu PC and just enter the name of the Instagram user, hashtag or location into the application.


One of the major highlights is the images will be downloaded automatically to your local PC instantly in full resolution. You can download multiple Instagram accounts at once. You just enter the name, download the story, and the user does not see that I’ve seen the story. You could try it.


Insta Free View is a new finding on this list. You can call Insta Free View the perfect one to find any private Instagram accounts easily. Using Insta Free View is really easy. Just enter the targeted Instagram username in the text box and hit the ‘Search Instagram Posts’ to get started. That’s it. You may see and download all photos and videos from that Instagram account for free.

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