In What Chapter Does Makima Kill Power in Chainsaw Man?

In What Chapter Does Makima Kill Power in Chainsaw Man
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Chainsaw Man is one of the most popular and latest comics from Shounen Jump, and its newly-released anime is a huge hit. Power, the Blood Devil fiend that befriends the main character Denji and is incredibly charismatic, is one of the most iconic and fan-favorite characters. Sadly, she does not receive the finest possible conclusion, as she is murdered by Chainsaw Man’s primary nemesis. When precisely does Makima murder Power in the comic Chainsaw Man?


Makima violently murdered Power in manga chapter 81, during the Control Devil Arc and the conclusion of Chainsaw Man Part 1. Power was unexpectedly slain while Denji was at Makima’s house, where Power had gone to celebrate Denji’s birthday per Makima’s request. Makima murdered Power by pointing her finger at her and saying “Bang” while imitating the sound of a gun.

But how exactly did this transpire, and how did everything lead up to it? Let’s delve a bit deeper and examine the specifics of Power’s demise.

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How does Makima destroy Power in Chainsaw Man?
In chapter 80, Denji is out mourning Aki’s passing and feeling remorse for what he did to her. Makima materializes in front of him at some point. She instructs him to rise up while touching his hands. Denji appears to be quite bewildered and has not left his mood of sadness. Makima invites Denji into her apartment, where they are greeted by a large number of Makima’s dogs, which are her pets. For a moment, Makima pays attention to the dogs, caressing them and speaking happily to them.

While still caring for and playing with her pets, Makima offers Denji some food. Denji reflects on how much calmer and happier he is now. She proceeds to pet him after receiving his thanks. Then, Makima reminds Denji of a promise they made and the recompense he would receive for vanquishing the Gun Devil: a wish. After some thought, he declares that he desires to be treated as one of her pets.


Then, in chapter 81, Makima asks Denji what he means by that, and Denji explains that he does not want to act alone and think for himself because he now has things he never imagined he could have, but he deeply regrets many of his decisions, and now he wants someone to command and guide him through life. Therefore, if is merely a puppet that responds to Makima’s commands, he will be as happy as when he is with Makima. Denji is highly certain in his request, as Makima desires that he be certain.

Makima conducts a loyalty test on Denji by suggesting that he act as a dog. Makima petted Denji on the head as if he were a puppy when he acted in accordance with his free will. He believes that he is as content as is possible. Someone knocks on the door seemingly out of nowhere. Makima has also invited Power to enjoy them.

Denji is confused and wonders why she would do that; Makima says that he is not allowed to think. Denji barks in return. Makima leads Denji to the front door so that he can open it when she murders Power. Denji barks before pausing to attempt to comprehend what Makima just stated.

Makima continues to guide Denji to the entrance, but he is still quite bewildered and attempting to determine whether or not this is a prank. Makima merely disregards the statement and does not respond. Makima implores Denji once more to open the door, but her words are ostensibly a cover for Pochita’s demands from Denji’s nightmares: “Don’t open it.” While contemplating Power and a birthday cake, Denji hesitatingly proceeds to unlock the door by grabbing the doorknob.


Power is waiting with a cake in his hand in the corridor. Makima gestures at Power and yells “Bang” before Denji and Power had the opportunity to speak. The only remaining portions of Power’s body are her head and her legs.

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