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If you are a fan of open-world role-playing multiplayer games chances are that you have probably heard about the new kid creating ripples around the block; Genshin Impact.


The game developed by miHoYo developers and released in 2020 is especially famous amongst fans of mobile gaming and has garnered well over fifty million downloads on Google play alone.

In other words, it’s safe to say that Genshin Impact has had quite an impact.


Another cool aspect of the game is that it’s light on money milking though it does have its fair share of in-app purchases it’s broadly very balanced and gamers short of cash, like this scribe, are not at a great disadvantage when compared to players who are willing to dish out Dollars for fantasy weapons.


In addition to Android, a version of the game has been released for Nintendo, Xbox, Play station 4/5, Windows PC, and iOS. In short, the Genshin Impact developers are extremely inclusive and do not believe in leaving any type of gamer behind.

The game comes with a dedicated multi-player mode where players can create groups of four and share the Genshin adventure.

Moreover, the multi-player mode is device agnostic and supports cross-platform multiplayer fun. In simple terms, PC gamers can now link up with their console-loving rivals and enjoy zero-lag gameplay.

Speaking of lag, the game, particularly its multi-player mode takes a heavy toll on your internet data plan. For this reason, to enjoy glitch-free experience players must ensure that they utilize connections with a low latency rate and a high bandwidth or download speed.

So, before you jump into Genshin Impact’s fantastical world and jaw-dropping gameplay you must take out some time to streamline your internet connection.

Confused? Having trouble? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered.

You can visit the site localcabledeals to compare and pick from at least a dozen internet service providers (ISPs) and choose the type of connection and data to plan that best suits your gaming needs. And while you are on the site you can also check out some phone, home security, and cable plans to go as a package deal with your internet connection.

Well, that felt like a detour. But it was a necessary detour nonetheless. Now, without further ado let us get back to playing roles, exploring fantasy worlds, and binge-killing bad guys or gals.


Genshin Impact takes its players into the fantasy world of Teyvat where we start our journey with our sibling (not your real one) who gets lost merely a few steps into the adventure.

The rest of the game is all about exploring this pressingly comprehensive fantasy world in search of our lost sibling and of course killing anyone or anything who dares stand in the way.

The storyline is breathtakingly detailed and is also updated constantly with the introduction of monthly special events and chapters. The game introduces its users to a ridiculously large number of characters reaching into the hundreds out of which an impressive sixty-four characters are playable.

I am sure as a gamer you already understand that most of these characters are not open to players right from the get-go but open up eventually as the game progresses and users make wishes. There are three main ways of attaining new wishes and hence new characters in the game.

At the very beginning of the game, users get an impressive twenty wishes which they can use any way that they see fit. As the game moves forward and your free wishes dry up there are two different ways of replenishing them.


You can either attain new wishes by being quick on your toes, or your fingers, and finishing missions quickly or you can take the easy way out and buy wishes, though I personally do not support the latter.


As for the characters themselves, they are extremely well-written. Each of the 64 playable characters comes with its backstory and folklore. Each character of the game specializes in one of the seven elements that make up the Teyvat world i.e. Geo, Dendro, Anemo, Pyro, Hydro, Electro, and Cryo.

For instance, the most famous character of Genshin Impact, as voted by users, Nahida is a Dendro user which gives her an affinity for plant and wood-based attacks while my personal favorite Dehya is a Pyro user.

Which element is the best you ask? Well, that is entirely up to you.


Mastering these elements and how they interact with each other is a very important aspect of Genshin Impact. In simple terms, bad guys you face during the game may be extremely vulnerable to a particular element and may have a great defense against another.

Similarly, you can also create combinations of these elements for the best possible damage outcome. For instance, combining a Hydro attack with a Cryo attack will freeze the enemy while combining Hydro and Electro will naturally electrocute them inflicting massive amounts of damage.


Following in the footsteps of iconic open-world RPGs like the Legend of Zelda, an obvious inspiration, Genshin Impact offers a wide variety of sub-plots, tangential missions, special domains, and hidden worlds.

One of the most recent and frankly unique domains is the Spiral Abyss.

In the Genshin Impact folklore, the Spiral Abyss is a secretive underground city that attracts beings of all shapes, sizes, and stripes.

The game designers are not very clear about who created this city or why but the city offers a vast array of gifts and goodies to gamers who choose to stroll through it.

The Spiral Abyss is divided into two major parts namely the Abyss Corridor and the Abyss Moon Squire. Each of these parts makes up eight of the sixteen floors available to users. The Corridor makes up the first half while the squire consists of the second.

The Abyss can be accessed using a wormhole in the sky covering the edge of Cape Oath. Only the users who have reached the Adventure rank 20 can access this special domain.



Following in the tradition of legendary open-world role-playing games like GTA and the Legend of Zelda Genshin Impact offers players an immersive and open-ended experience.

The graphics are mouthwatering, the storyline is well-thought and the gameplay offers a mix of traditional and fresh tropes.

Much like any other open-world game Genshin Impact relies on the users to design unique experiences for themselves instead of forcing them to strictly follow a narrow script envisaged by the designers.

In other words, you can lose yourself in Teyvat, all you need is a couch, a mobile phone, and a high-speed internet connection.

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