Kerala Lottery Result Today Win Win: Nirmal NR 685 Winners List

Kerala Lottery Result Today Win Win
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Kerala Lottery Result Today Win Win: Nirmal NR 685 Winners List

In this article, we would share with you about kerala lottery result. So you can know the winner of this lottery Game. Kerela lottery result for 2023 and the Nirmal NR 685 results would be  declared at 3 pm, and the first prize is Rs 70 lakh

Where you can find the complete details of the  breakdown of the NR 685 results can be seen on the Kerala State Lottery’s official website which would start by  4:30 p.m

In Gorky Bhavan  the NR 685 would take place. The place is nust next to or adjacent the Bakery Junction. The Bakery junction is in Thiruvananthapuram, which is directly under the oversight of two judges that are competent. You would find all the entire breakdown of the results on the Kerala State Lottery’s official website starting at 4:30 pm.

You can also get the result offline which would be published for the convenience of the customer in the kerala Government Gazette.

How to check Nirmal NR 685 result

The Nirmal NR 685 first-prize winner would get Rs 70 lakh. Then, second winner will recieve Rs 10 lakh. The third-place winner will be rewarded with Rs 1 lakh. The fourth-place winner will get Rs 5,000, The next three winners after these four will be awarded with these: Rs 1,000, Rs 500, and Rs 100. There are some lucky people who hold  tickets would as well get Rs 8000. This is for prize of consolation. One should be notified that 30 percent of that was won would be taken out and the agent fee would be ten percent which is the commission.

  1. Go to the official Kerala Lottery website.
  2. Click on the link for ‘Nirmal NR 685 Result.
  3. A pdf consisting of the winning ticket numbers will appear on the screen.
  4. Check the list against your ticket number

How to win Nirmal NR 685 prize money

If you are among the lucky winner, you have to show identification which is in valid form and your ticket number also. What you present to collect your winning is just like  an Aadhaar card or voter card at any bank or the Kerala government lottery office.

Your winning ticket must be released within the period of thirty day after the declaration of the Nirmal NR 685 results. Those that are winners must know that the winning tickets must not be damaged and it must be neat unless the prize money can not be claimed. Once it happens you can do nothing about it.

You also have to complete the process of verification unless if you are a winner you cant be qualified to get the prize reward. lottery winners in the NR 685 draw who earn more than Rs 5000 must go through a verification process at the Kerala lottery office. Those who win less than Rs 5000 can easily collect their winnings from any Kerala lottery shop that is authorized to do business.

You can be a lucky winner if you purchase the daily ticket. Many prizes and draws hold on a daily and weekly basis by  Nirmal NR 685 Lottery. You can get yours today on the website shown above. What is your reaction to this article!

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