Lottery Sambad Today Result Nagaland

Lottery Sambad Today Result Nagaland: 29.9.2023, 1pm 6pm 8pm,

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Lottery Sambad Today Result Nagaland

Do you know that Lotteries Sambad started from these people Hebrew, Egyptian, Hindu, Chinese, and Roman. It is  very popular gambling game which is random prize draw. This particular game became well known by many people in the early 20th(twentieth). Then, it was perceived and label that it was illegal by so many countries. When it was first seen as not being illegal anymore is during the end of World War II.


Interestingly, lotteries became legal in 1960 in so many countries. Federal taxes increased their funds through this means. In 1938 France was the nation that would first encourage lotteries by granting the state and giving lottery an approval to be legal.

How to Get Lottery Sambad Today Result Nagaland

The results would always appear in official site for the entire games in this lottery and you can download it as well. Do you want to download your result for today? Just follow this steps below carefully so you can get your result snappily for this lottery Game.

  • Go to this official website www.todaysambadlottery
  • You need to go through the first paragraph on the site and read it downwards on the Sambad lottery website
  • What you would see is the three different perpendicular maroon banners in the second heading and in paragraph
  • In each of the banner on the website is filled with the Sambad lottery result link and will redirect you to the Sambad result
  • You would see every banner with the name and time of the draw printed
  • Then, select your banner, and click it
  • Now you can see your result and you can download the result in PDF format for reference.
  • Official Today Lottery Result Link:

How to get winning amount on the Lottery Sambad

Just follow this few steps highlighted below and you are sure to claim the winning amount on this sambad lottery game. Check below:

  • Submit your form to the Director, Institutional Finance & State Lottery by filling all the details
  • Send your original copy of Prize photocopied attested by a gazetted officer also send 3 or 4 passport size photos
  • The government will not take responsibility for the loss of postage or lost tickets. 11. Prices on torn or spoiled tickets will not be offered, and they may be subject to legal proceedings.
  • The director will send the money by accepting the actual claims after cutting the necessary income tax etc

Lottery Sambad: Nagaland State Lottery  Winner List

Lottery Name:      Nagaland State Lottery Sambad


Draw Name: Dear Morning Lottery Sambad, Dear Evening Lottery Sambad, and Dear Night Lottery Sambad

First Winning Amount: Rs. 1 Crore

Result date:   20 June 2023

Result Time   1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM


Right now, governments of various countries managed lottery Games or by the local subdivisions. Interestingly, in 1984 Sambad Lottery showed up in Vila Rica which is the former capital of Minas Gerais state. The lotteries since then has spread all over the world. You can comment on this post on the comment section below.

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