Payday 3 Flash Drive Location

Payday 3 Flash Drive Location: Complete Guide

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In the world of Payday 3, stealth is often the name of the game. The “Under the Surphaze” mission presents an exhilarating challenge, one that involves deactivating various security systems in an art gallery while securing the elusive manager’s USB flash drive. Successfully locating this flash drive can make or break your heist, so let’s dive right into where and how to find it.



Finding the Manager’s Office


Before you can lay your hands on the manager’s USB flash drive, you must first locate their office within the art gallery. This is your first step towards unraveling the mystery of the flash drive’s location. The manager’s office is situated on the second floor, a strategic point for overseeing the operations in the gallery.


Discovering the Hidden Panel


Now that you’ve pinpointed the manager’s office, the next challenge is to locate the USB flash drive. You’ll find it discreetly hidden behind a concealed panel at the back of the office, positioned just under a painting that adorns the wall behind the manager’s desk.


Hint: Keep an eye out for an on-screen indicator that guides you to open the hidden panel. This is your ticket to unlocking the treasure within.


The Secure Safe and Crack


Having unveiled the hidden panel, you’ll be greeted by the sight of a secure safe. This is where your skills as a master heister come into play. Cracking open this safe is essential to securing the USB flash drive, so ensure you’re well-versed in the art of safe-cracking.


Incorporating the USB Flash Drive


Your successful efforts at cracking the safe will be rewarded when you lay eyes on the manager’s USB flash drive. This item is not only vital for the mission’s completion, but it’s also your ticket to disabling the security systems guarding the Uma Ladette painting.



Extra Loot: Rolls and Piles of Cash


In addition to the prized USB flash drive, the safe also contains a tempting haul of cash, in the form of rolls and piles. The best part? You don’t need to go through the trouble of bagging these riches. Simply pocket the money as you go; it’s yours for the taking.


Managing the Manager


A word of caution:


 The gallery’s manager, dressed in a distinctive suit, frequently visits the Manager’s Office. To avoid any inconvenient surprises, consider your timing carefully. Either enter the office just after the manager departs or, if necessary, deal with them by subduing and restraining them. Once you’ve taken care of the manager, close the office door to ensure that no further surprises occur.


Guards typically won’t enter the room without a valid reason, so as long as the door is kept closed, they will remain unaware of their manager’s absence.


Using the Manager as a Guide



Interestingly, you can also leverage the manager as a navigational aid. The second floor of the Surphaze Gallery can be somewhat labyrinthine, making it easy to get turned around. However, if you spot the manager in their suit, simply follow them to their office. This is a straightforward way to locate the USB flash drive and avoid getting lost in the gallery’s layout.




Your success in the “Under the Surphaze” mission in Payday 3 hinges on your ability to locate the manager’s USB flash drive. Armed with this guide, you now have the upper hand in finding this crucial item. Whether you choose to shadow the manager or make a quiet entrance, the USB flash drive will be in your possession, bringing the Uma Ladette painting one step closer to your grasp. Best of luck with your heist in Payday 3!


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