Payday 3: Under the Surface Guide 

Payday 3: Under the Surface Guide 

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“Under the Surface” is one of the most captivating and challenging heists in Payday 3. This mission throws players into the depths of a complex operation set beneath an unsuspecting surface, with high stakes and even higher rewards. 



In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into every aspect of the “Under the Surface” heist, providing you with strategies, tips, and insights to ensure your success in this thrilling mission.


Introduction to “Under the Surface”


“Under the Surface” is a mission in Payday 3 that requires a high level of stealth, tactical prowess, and teamwork. The goal of this operation is to infiltrate a seemingly ordinary building that conceals an intricate underground facility. 


Your primary objectives involve collecting valuable data, securing classified documents, and escaping without raising any alarms. The mission’s complexity lies in its multi-layered security systems, guards, and the need for precision execution.


Preparation and Loadout

Before diving into the mission, it’s essential to prepare adequately. Your loadout, crew, and skills play a significant role in determining your success. Here are some key points to consider:


Crew Selection

Choose a crew with a good mix of skills. Stealth experts, marksmen, and support roles are all valuable in “Under the Surface.” Communication within your team is key to coordinate actions effectively.



Stealth Weapons: Opt for suppressed weapons to eliminate guards quietly. Pistols or silenced rifles are suitable choices.


Armor: Lightweight armor or suits are advisable for maintaining agility and stealth.


Equipment: Bring equipment like lock-picking tools, body bags, and silent drills. These will assist you in bypassing security measures and disposing of guards discreetly.


Skills: Invest in skills that enhance your stealth abilities, such as lock-picking, cable ties for civilians, and body bag deployment.


Infiltration and Reconnaissance

As you enter the building, adopt a cautious approach:


Disabling Cameras

Scan the area for security cameras. Disable them using your electronic countermeasures or simply destroy them to prevent being spotted.


Guards and Civilians

Identify the positions of guards and civilians. Avoid civilian casualties to maintain discretion. Utilize cable ties to subdue civilians or guards if necessary.



Silent Takedowns

Eliminate guards silently using melee takedowns or suppressed weapons. Ensure that their bodies are hidden from view.


Hacking and Data Retrieval

Proceed through the mission by:


Hacking Terminals

Hack security terminals to disable alarms and access restricted areas. These terminals are scattered throughout the underground facility.


Collecting Data

Retrieve data from designated servers. Be swift and efficient in this process.


Securing Classified Documents

Your primary objective involves securing classified documents. These documents are typically located in well-guarded areas.


Sneak Infiltration

Use your stealth abilities to infiltrate guarded areas. Avoid detection by studying guard patterns and using distractions when necessary.


Secure Documents

Once you reach the classified documents, secure them and ensure they are safely stored in your equipment.


Escaping the Facility

Leaving the facility without raising alarms is a critical aspect of your mission:


Exit Points


Identify multiple exit points within the facility. Choose the one that provides the least resistance from guards and security measures.


Coordinated Escape

Coordinate your escape with your team. Time your exit to coincide with guard patrols, ensuring a smooth getaway.



“Under the Surface” is a challenging heist in Payday 3 that demands precision, patience, and effective teamwork. Success in this mission requires a strategic approach, thorough preparation, and a mastery of stealth. By following the strategies outlined in this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well-equipped to conquer the complexities of this mission and enjoy the sweet taste of victory in Payday 3. Good luck, heister!


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