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Unleash Your Luck with Rebirth Champions X Codes

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Looking to boost your luck and enhance your gaming experience in Rebirth Champions X? You’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of all the working codes to help you level up your gameplay. These Rebirth Champions X codes will grant you various rewards, including luck boosts, click boosts, rebirth boosts, and more.


Active Codes:


fall: Four x2 luck boosts (NEW CODE)


forest: Four x2 luck boosts


fire: Four x2 luck boosts


military: Four x2 luck boosts


viking: Four x2 luck boosts


crystal: Four x2 luck boosts


cowboy: Four x2 luck boosts


castle: Four x2 luck boosts


sand: Four x2 luck boosts


dino: Four x2 luck boosts


rcx: Four x2 luck boosts


sunflower: Four x2 luck boosts


coconut: Four x2 luck boosts


shiny: Four x2 luck boosts


time: Four x2 luck boosts


bee: Four x2 luck boosts


rainbow: Four x2 luck boosts


zombie: Four x2 luck boosts


swamp: Four x2 luck boosts


frosty: Four x2 luck boosts


bunny: Four x2 luck boosts


easter2023: Four x2 luck boosts


fairy: Four x2 luck boosts


omgfreex3luck: One x3 luck boost


clover: Four x3 luck boosts


dragon: Four x2 luck boosts


jungle: Four x2 luck boosts


anniversary: Four x2 luck boosts


100m: Four x2 luck boosts


175kthanks: One x10 click boosts


flower: Four x2 luck boosts


evil: Two x2 click boosts


halloween: Double luck boost


update32: Two x2 click boosts


150kthanks: Luck boost


galactic: Two x2 rebirth boosts


alien: Double luck boost


50m: Double luck boost


100kthanks: Double rebirth boosts


75kthanks: Double luck boost


thanksfor50k: One luck boost


10mthanks: Double luck boost


20kthankyou: Click boost


freeclicksomg: Click boost


freeluckboost: One luck boost


wow10klikesthanks: Rebirth boost



5klikesthanks: One luck boost


wow2500likes: Rebirth boost


already1500likes: Double luck boost


thanks500likes: Double click boost


release: 1,000 free clicks to get you started!


Remember, these codes are case-sensitive, so be sure to enter them exactly as shown, including numbers, capital letters, and punctuation.

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Expired Codes:


Here are some codes that have expired, so make sure to avoid using them:


molten: Four x2 luck boosts


ocean: Four x2 luck boosts


fish: Four x2 luck boosts


2023: Four x2 luck boosts


Santa: Four x2 luck boosts


christmas: Four x2 luck boosts


exotic: Four x2 luck boosts


pirate: Three x2 luck boosts


95m: Four x2 luck boosts


ancient: Three x2 rebirth boosts


seacave: Three x2 luck boosts


90m: Three x2 rebirth boosts


pixel: Two x2 rebirth boosts


axolotls: Two x2 click boosts


aqua: Three x2 click boosts


blackhole: Luck boost


hacker: Luck boost


saturn: Free luck boost


sun: Free luck boost


destruction: Free luck boost


neon: Luck boost


75m: Luck boost


Fantasy: Luck boost


lab: Luck boost


kraken: Luck boost


wow3000: Rebirth boost


175kthanks: Free boost


tute: Free luck boost



shadow: Luck boost


Now, go ahead and use these codes to enhance your Rebirth Champions X gaming experience. 

Good luck, and may the boosts be ever in your favor!


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):


1. How do I redeem codes in Rebirth Champions X?


To redeem codes, open the game and click on the Twitter bird icon on the right side of the screen. Enter the code in the provided field and click “Submit” to receive your rewards.

2. Are there any new codes for Rebirth Champions X?


Yes, there are! New codes are periodically released by the game developers, so it’s a good idea to stay updated by following official social media channels and community forums.

3. Can I use the same code multiple times?


No, most codes can only be used once per account. Attempting to use a code more than once will result in an error message.

4. Do these codes have an expiration date?


Yes, codes in Rebirth Champions X often have expiration dates. Be sure to use them promptly to avoid missing out on rewards.

5. Are there any requirements to use these codes?


Generally, you need an active Rebirth Champions X account to redeem codes. Some codes may have specific level or game progress requirements.


Rebirth Champions X codes are a fantastic way to enhance your gameplay by receiving various boosts and rewards. These codes provide players with an extra edge in the game and make the gaming experience more enjoyable. Be sure to regularly check for new codes and follow official channels to stay updated on code releases.


Whether you’re looking for luck boosts, rebirth boosts, or click boosts, these codes offer a range of benefits to help you progress faster and compete effectively. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximize your gaming potential with these codes. Enter them now and embark on an exciting journey in Rebirth Champions X!


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