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Rider World Codes: Unleash the Power of the Masked Rider

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Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating adventure within the Roblox universe as a Masked Rider? Developer LeePungg’s fan project, Rider World, grants you the opportunity to immerse yourself in this thrilling world. But before you can fully embrace the Rider experience, you’ll need to level up and acquire a motorcycle. Don’t worry, though – we’ve got your back with some Rider World codes that will give you a head start on your journey!



What Are Rider World Codes?


Rider World codes are your ticket to a range of exciting rewards. These rewards include currency, such as Yen and Dimension Fragments, as well as essential items like Contract and Mirror Cards. If you’re lucky, you might even snag some high-level rewards like gearboxes. The best part? We keep a close eye on new codes, so you’ll always be in the know!


Working Rider World Codes


Here’s a list of currently active Rider World codes along with their corresponding rewards:


nioamz: Receive 5 Dimension Fragments! (NEW CODE)


operationth: Receive an Empty Deck and 1,000 yen!


sryupd: Receive a Contract Card!


huyotaku: Receive a Mirror’s Card!


egg: Receive Smart’s Gear Box!


kntr: Receive a Mirror’s Card and 500 yen!


v6: Receive a Contract Card!


miraikuroi: Receive a Mirror’s Card and 500 yen!


sheeptrainer: Receive a Mirror’s Card and 500 yen!


odin: Receive 300 yen!


henshin: Receive 300 yen!


Remember, Rider World codes can only be redeemed once per Roblox account, and they are not case-sensitive. 


However, these codes have a limited lifespan, with many expiring shortly after they’re released. 


So, make sure to redeem them promptly, especially when LeePungg shares them on YouTube after a new video drops!


Expired Codes


Here are some Rider World codes that have already expired:


zeroto0: Receive 1 Smart’s Ticket!


roadtozero: Receive 1 Smart’s Ticket!


blaster: Receive 3 Dimension Fragments!


ooo: Receive 5 Dimension Fragments!


Deltar: Receive 5 Dimension Fragments!


3m: Receive 5 Dimension Fragments!


3281: Receive 3 Dimension Fragments!


awake: Receive 6 Dimension Fragments!


315: Receive 3 Dimension Fragments!


zyga: Receive 2 Dimension Fragments!


rx: Receive 3 Dimension Fragments!


warpten: Receive 5 Dimension Fragments!


kinglegacyupdatewhen: Receive Unlimited Dimension Fragments!


upgrade: Receive 2 Refine Fragments!


solobuilderth: Free rewards (unspecified)


leepungg: Free rewards (unspecified)


thereisnospoon: Free rewards (unspecified)


sryrider: Free rewards (unspecified)


free: Free rewards (unspecified)


release: Free rewards (unspecified)


alfa: Free rewards (unspecified)


600k: Free rewards (unspecified)


2klikes: Free rewards (unspecified)



lower: Free rewards (unspecified)


9kfavs: Free rewards (unspecified)


8kfavs: Free rewards (unspecified)


7kfavs: Free rewards (unspecified)


1st: Free rewards (unspecified)


50k: Free rewards (unspecified)


60k: Free rewards (unspecified)


70k: Free rewards (unspecified)


redlunar: Free rewards (unspecified)


rhino: Free rewards (unspecified)


90: Free rewards (unspecified)


100k: Free rewards (unspecified)


gazelle: Free rewards (unspecified)


trial: Free rewards (unspecified)


120k: Free rewards (unspecified)


lovelove: Free rewards (unspecified)


150k: Free rewards (unspecified)


srytakumi: Free rewards (unspecified)


5821: Free rewards (unspecified)


summon: Free rewards (unspecified)


srymasato: Free rewards (unspecified)


standingby: Free rewards (unspecified)


charge: Free rewards (unspecified)


iseedeadpeople: Free rewards (unspecified)


fyzefyze: Free rewards (unspecified)


103106: Free rewards (unspecified)


913: Free rewards (unspecified)


kaisand: Free rewards (unspecified)


0000: Free rewards (unspecified)


How to Redeem Rider World Codes


Redeeming Rider World codes might be slightly more complex than you’d expect, but these steps will guide you through the process efficiently: Open the game Menu by clicking the Menu button located next to your stat bars in the upper-left corner.


In the far-right section of the menu, you’ll find the Redeem button. Click it, and a text field will appear in the center of the menu.


Type your code into the text field accurately.



Click on the Redeem button a second time to submit the code.


Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll receive one of three messages:


“You get … [reward]” indicates that the code was successfully redeemed.


“Cannot find this Code or Expired!” indicates that the code was unsuccessful because it either doesn’t exist or has expired.


“You already Redeemed this Code!” indicates that the code is valid but was previously redeemed.


Make sure to double-check your spelling when entering the code, as LeePungg often uses ‘sry’ instead of ‘sky’ in his codes (e.g., sryrider, NOT skyrider). Additionally, keep an eye out for any numbers or special characters (!,?,+,$,@, etc.). If you’re still having trouble, it’s likely that the code is either invalid or has expired.


How to Get More Rider World Codes


If you’re eager for more Rider World codes to enhance your gaming experience, your best bet is to stay connected with LeePungg through his social channels. He frequently shares longer-lasting codes in the Rider World Discord server, and you can find rare, limited-time codes on his YouTube channel. Don’t miss out on these opportunities to unlock exciting rewards and level up your Masked Rider adventure!




Rider World offers a thrilling Roblox experience where you can become a Masked Rider. Using the provided codes, you can gain valuable rewards like currency and essential items, giving you an edge in your adventures. Remember that these codes have a short lifespan, so act quickly when new ones are released. 


Stay connected with LeePungg through platforms like YouTube and the Rider World Discord server to access exclusive, time-limited codes. With these codes in hand, you’re well-equipped to dive into the action-packed world of Rider World, level up, and enjoy a more rewarding gaming journey as a Masked Rider in the Roblox universe.


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