Romantic Restaurants in NYC: 14 Date-Night Spots

romantic restaurants in NYC
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Romantic Restaurants in NYC. Those who assert that Paris and Venice are the world’s most romantic cities have never traveled to New York. Here you will find the epitome of romance: music, art, and nature transformed into love songs and happily ever afters.

And there are romantic eateries on every corner for those of us who meet and fall in love over food. Passion and wine are highlighted by dim lighting and fine cuisine.


Modern meal presentation on a wooden board with two glasses of wine in a romantic New York City restaurant
New York City is the ideal location for the ultimate dating night.

Envision wandering through Rockefeller Center and Washington Square Park in the winter, cuddling up to your significant other to be warm while admiring the Christmas lights that illuminate the streets. Or a summertime picnic in Central Park, bicycle rides along Park Avenue, and boutique shopping in SoHo.

After such a romantic evening, food is unavoidable. The following is a list of the best romantic restaurants in New York City, where everything is naturally aphrodisiac.

Romantic Restaurants in NYC: 14 Date-Night Spots

One if by land and two if by sea (West Village)

One if by Land, Two if by Sea is among the most romantic restaurants in NYC, if not the globe. The historic carriage house now functions as a dining room, as does the garden outside, giving the impression of being in a fairy tale. Included in the offer are candles and brick fires.

Since 1973, the restaurant has been offering a choice between three- and seven-course meals. You can sample classic dishes like beef Wellington and scallops before finishing with a chocolate souffle. Also renowned is the brunch meal.

Cosme (Flatiron) (Flatiron)

Cosme was formerly the top-ranked American restaurant on the World’s 50 Best List, and one taste of their husk meringue will make it clear why. The majority of the dishes are tiny, so you may attempt and share everything on the menu during a date night.

Cobia al pastor and the restaurant’s signature duck carnitas may be found on the Mexican-inspired menu. According to rumor, Barack and Michelle Obama frequented this restaurant in New York for dinners.

River Café (Dumbo)

The River Café overlooks the Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge from its waterfront location. On a balmy summer evening, nothing is more romantic than a candlelit dinner beside the river. You can enjoy this while dining on New American delicacies like as scallops, crispy duck breast, and roasted rabbit at this restaurant.

Savor one of their signature cocktails or a drink of one of the finest wines. You may need to dress a bit more formally, but the effort is worthwhile.

Il Buco (NoHo)

Il Buco is the type of little restaurant that brings to mind small communities in Italy, where you know the meal will taste like grandma’s cooking. Visit the wine cellar, which is likely the most romantic section of the location. Then, dine on the open-air terrace illuminated by dim golden light.

The menu is seasonal and ever-changing, delivering only the finest and freshest ingredients for meals such as risotto with bleu cheese cream, croquetas with cured salt fish fritters, and Spanish bean soup.

La Grenouille (Midtown East)

La Grenouille (3 East 52nd Street) is the perfect example of the romantic restaurant archetype; it serves French cuisine, so you know it’s serious about romance. The red seats and flowers strewn across the dining area evoke love on their own, so you won’t have to do much to have a romantic meal. The fixed-price menu includes such staples as steak tartare and chicken cooked with Champagne.

Le Bernadin (Midtown)

Le Bernadin is a three-Michelin-star restaurant that is suited for people who desire the most opulent dining experience. Here, simplicity reigns supreme, with an approach to seafood that makes the fish the focal point of each dish.

In the dining room, fixed-price and tasting menus are available for Valentine’s Day. During a multi-course meal, savor both freshness and sophistication.

With ornate woodwork and flower arrangements, the interior design creates an upscale ambiance ideal for a romantic evening.


Le Coucou (Soho)

The design of Le Coucou, a French restaurant in Soho, is enchanting. A candle chandelier sits above a bar with a marble surface, right next to a wall of windows that flood the room with natural light. The roof and walls are painted to resemble the interior of Versailles, and the food is fit for French royalty.

French staples such as halibut with butter and rabbit are featured on the menu, followed by digestive cognac doses. There is no requirement for formal attire at this restaurant. However, shorts, sandals, and tank tops should be avoided.

Four Equine Warriors (Williamsburg)

The menu at The Four Horsemen varies on a daily basis, which is a true feat of wizardry, since they are able to create always-intriguing and scrumptious dishes. When you combine the food with any of the house wines, you will have the ideal date.

Views of the kitchen are accessible from the bar counter to the rear dining rooms. We assure you of an intimate and captivating eating experience.

Daniel (Lenox Hill) (Lenox Hill)

Daniel serves French cuisine with a Provençal twist. Consequently, a prix-fixe menu featuring some of the city’s most exclusive and opulent meals was created.

On the terrace, there is an outdoor dining area where you may dine on delectable meals while enjoying the New York spring air. The service and seafood here are routinely lauded by patrons.

June (Carroll Gardens) (Carroll Gardens)

The month of June is ideal for wine enthusiasts who wish to know what it was like to live in Paris in the 1920s amid poets and painters such as Hemingway and Picasso.

This establishment introduced natural wines to the palates of Brooklynites. They now offer enormous servings beneath lights resembling those of a carnival. Share dishes such as whipped ricotta while sipping wine from one of the restaurant’s dozens of available bottles.

L’Artusi (West Village) (West Village)

L’Artusi demonstrates that a romantic restaurants need not be small to be intimate. This two-story location offers regular sitting options as well as the opportunity to dine at the cheese bar while sipping on delicate drinks. You may even be able to sit at the chef’s counter and observe the preparation of Italian delicacies from the front row of the open kitchen.

Pair your wagyu carpaccio with a complex Italian wine from the large wine selection, or order the venison osso buco or any of the pasta dishes.

Lilia (Williamsburg) (Williamsburg)

This is the place to be if you’re up for a Lady and the Tramp-style smooch over a bowl of fresh pasta. Lilia, one of the most romantic restaurants in New York City, serves some of the best pasta in Brooklyn; conversing over rigatoni or pappardelle is the ideal date-night plan, followed by a succulent lamb steak.

In addition, they provide heated individual tents so that you can enjoy the chilly nights outside. Sip Negronis and sample the delectable mafaldini pasta made with Parmigiano-Reggiano and pink peppercorns.

Don Angie (West Village)

Given that the history of Don Angie is already a love tale, it’s no surprise that this is one of New York City’s most romantic restaurants. Seven years after two cooks fell in love in 2010, they started a restaurant together. Customers are enchanted by the venue’s black and white marble floors, light ambience, and clean decor as they dine on Italian-American dishes such as the famed lasagna for two.


Their innovative approach of creating Americana red sauce has earned them a Michelin star, and the house mezcal-braised chicken cacciatore or vitello tonnato demonstrate that the couple is doing an excellent job of elevating immigrant cuisine.

Frevo (Greenwich Village) (Greenwich Village)

Frevo is a Greenwich Village eatery concealed beneath an art gallery. The counter, which seats a maximum of 14 guests, surrounds the open kitchen, where you can observe the chef and his colleagues preparing Brazilian and Portuguese-inspired cuisine. You can sample inventive versions of traditional meals for a fixed price on the seasonal tasting menu prepared in the French style.

The design consists of various colors of gray and dim lighting from candles, providing an exquisite and exclusive atmosphere. Among the most romantic restaurants in NYC.

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